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Subscriptions are a great way to effortlessly integrate healthy routines into your customers’ lives. Whether they want top-notch supplements or a bespoke mix of vitamins, Recharge can help you give them what they need seamlessly, with a fully customizable customer portal and engaging email notifications that align with your brand. Easy ordering for them, no coding for you.

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Effortless subscription & order management

Your customers have full control over their subscription. Whether it is swapping out products or skipping a delivery, we've made it all about their preferences and convenience.

Transform your products into daily essentials

Introduce new products when it matters most

Ensure their wellness journeys never end

“Recharge as a tool definitely helps us keep our subscribers around, whether it’s allowing them to manage their subscription on their own, or making sure their entire experience is seamless.”

Melanie CorriganDirector of Ecommerce & Marketing, Biohm

Iterate, test, and learn along the way

Explore the diagram below to see the progression of our Personalized Cancellation Prevention flow in action, from the initial A/B test to actionable results.

TriggerSet a trigger to start a test after a customer attempts to cancel their subscription

A/B testSelect the breakdown of customers who receive a cancellation offer

Exit surveySegment A will be offered a 15% discount, whereas Segment B will be offered a 10% discount if they indicate the product is too expensive

Branch metricGain insights about how your test performed