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Recharge simplifies subscriptions for brands and customers.

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Turning products into lifestyles

The most innovative brands work with Recharge to offer personalized subscriptions that help grow and retain their revenue.

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“Recharge as a tool definitely helps us keep our subscribers around, whether it’s allowing them to manage their subscription on their own or making sure their entire experience is seamless.”

Melanie KolomiyetsDirector of Ecommerce & Marketing, Biohm

Subscriptions that work for your unique brand

Scale recurring revenue with our all-in-one solution and maintain full control for an exceptional subscriber experience.

Promote subscriptions with exclusive deals and discounts.

Streamline management with automated features like shipment consolidation, simultaneous multi-subscription updates, and partial order fulfillment.

Go global effortlessly with multi-language, multi-currency support, and our Shopify Markets integration.

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Convenience and flexibility for your subscribers

Empower customers to easily manage their subscriptions on their own terms. Harmonize your website and portal with tools to customizable appearance and settings.

Maintain brand consistency with customizable fonts, colors, and logos—without writing a line of code. 

Enable subscribers to easily manage their orders by pausing, skipping, or swapping products from their portal or email notifications.

Simplify account access with authentication codes sent via SMS or email, eliminating password hassles.

Give customers more of what they love with Bundles

Increase order value and save browsing time by offering curated or customizable product bundles. Brands offering Bundles see up to 2.7x higher LTV and 2X higher retention by the second order.

Provide customers freedom to create personalized bundles with flexible and dynamic pricing options.

Save time with pre-configured bundles, offering seasonal options and bestsellers.

Allow adjustments in the customer portal and cross-sell extras to boost AOV.

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Your subscriptions, gifted

Let your customers give the gift of their favorite subscription. All that's required is the gift recipient's name and email address.

Enable customers to redeem gifts, choose items, and continue subscribing.

Offer gift recipients flexibility in selecting and managing subscription orders without even needing to provide payment info.

Convert gift subscribers into lifelong customers with targeted email campaigns powered by Klaviyo.

Connect the tools you already use to the most flexible and powerful API available

Communicate upcoming subscription shipments and allow easy skipping, swapping, and more with Klaviyo.

Embedding quick action URLs in emails allows customers to take action easily and enhances their experience with your brand.

Give personalized marketing updates based on Recharge's subscription data with the Attentive platform.

Personalize messaging throughout the customer lifecycle in creative SMS messages, gifs, custom short links, and emojis.

Easily display Recharge subscriptions alongside support tickets in Gorgias.

Quickly update customer information like payment methods, shipping details, products, and subscription cadences. Plus, send auto-responses to customers with subscription management links.

“Our custom solution definitely served its purpose at the time, but we outgrew it and were looking for something more sustainable that can handle scale and was proven in the market, that also had a robust enough API to be able to build upon if we needed to.”

Alexander SokolovDirector, Software Engineering, Athena Club

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