Building routines one subscription at a time

Over 1,600 home and pet brands are making it easy to build household routines with subscriptions.

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Seamless subscriptions for Home & Pet brands

Let’s face it – not everyone enjoys the hassle of shopping for home and pet supplies. That’s where subscriptions come in as a perfect match for your brand. Recharge simplifies the process of incorporating your home or pet products into customers’ daily routines. With the flexibility to customize their subscriptions based on lifestyle, customers can easily swap or modify items as needed. And the best part? No coding required on your end!

Home & Pet brands thrive on Recharge


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Effortless subscription management

When customers change their routine or want to tackle something new, they can do it with full control over every aspect of their subscription. Adjust delivery dates, toss in a new product – it's as easy as a few quick clicks.

Make subscription management a source of happiness

Surprise and delight your customers with unexpected gifts

Keep customers engaged & subscribed

“[These are] strategies people should be using to not only grow their subscriber base, but also increase its value. And the data is all available from Recharge to Klaviyo. You just have to learn how to leverage it.”

Hannah JunSenior Manager of Retention, Blueland

Iterate, test, and learn along the way

Explore the diagram below to see the progression of our Personalized Cancellation Prevention flow in action, from the initial A/B test to actionable results.

TriggerSet a trigger to start an A/B test after a customer attempts to cancel their subscription

A/B testSelect the breakdown of customers who receive a cancellation offer

Exit surveySegment A will be offered a 15% discount, whereas Segment B will be offered a 10% discount if they indicate the product is too expensive

Branch metricGain insights about how your test performed

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