Bundles by Recharge

Increase AOV with customizable product bundles

*Included with Pro and Custom subscription plans

Graphic showing a grid of four items, two of which have been selected to be bundled together

Why Bundles?

Customers who use Bundles tend to engage more deeply with your brand, spend more, and stay longer—and have up to 2.7x higher LTV than those who don’t.

Add value with curation

Combine multiple SKUs into one product, saving customers time and effort. From seasonal bundles to bestseller boxes, curation provides limitless bundling possibilities.

Let shoppers build their own bundles

Provide your customers with a build-a-box option for ultimate flexibility, letting them choose the exact items they want in their bundle.

Broadest range of customization

Launch a bundling solution that’s best suited for your business and your customers, selling bundles as one-time purchases or subscriptions, with or without a discount.

Drive meaningful LTV growth

Drive AOV, loyalty, and retention for your customers with Bundles’ curation and customization capabilities.

Simple to launch & maintain

Directly integrated with Recharge Subscriptions, Bundles allows you to start selling the product assortments your customers want.

Customizable or preset bundles

For each bundle, decide whether you’d like to assemble it for your customers based on a certain theme, or allow them to build their own bundle with the exact items they want.

You set the rules

For customizable bundles, you choose which products, and how many, customers can add—giving them total freedom or narrowing down the order to specific products.

They select their box

Once deployed, customers buy bundles and make any applicable selections using our customizable Bundles widget.

“Bundles brought our desired subscription experience to fruition. With a straightforward and beautiful UX, it has streamlined the process for our customers and operations team.”

Miki & JaredCo-Founders, Crafty Ramen

“Bundles saved us a lot of work and helped us avoid customer confusion by making our subscription box more user friendly.”

Roz CampbellFounder, Tsuno

Frequently asked questions

Have questions before you get started? We’re here to help.

Who can use Bundles?

Looking to offer Shopify product bundles? Bundles, plus access to the Bundles SDK and Bundles API endpoints, are all included in Recharge’s Pro and Custom plans for Shopify merchants.

Can discounts be added to bundles?

Yes, discounts can be added to bundles at the parent level, as well as via a discount code.

Can I offer dynamically-priced bundles with Recharge?

Dynamically-priced bundles are currently available for merchants participating in our Early Adopter program.

Can a customer update their product bundle after they've purchased?

A customer can update their order after they’ve purchased if merchants have the customization window enabled. In their charge reminder email, the customer can click into a Bundles-specific UI in the customer portal where they can update their bundle to their preferred products.

Can I enable Bundles without Recharge Subscriptions?

Bundles cannot be enabled if a merchant does not have access to Recharge Subscriptions. Bundles is included in Recharge’s Pro and Custom plans.

Do I need to integrate Bundles into the Recharge platform for my store?

Bundles is built right into the Recharge platform, so you can utilize market-leading software with no integration needed.

Can customers update the contents of their bundles after they've placed an order?

With curated product bundles, you can empower your customers to update the contents of their bundle after checkout via a new section in the customer portal.

Where can I learn more about Bundles?

To learn more about Bundles, check out our Support documentation.