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New to subscriptions?
You came to the right place.

Turn your one-time transactions into long-term customer relationships. Implementing subscriptions gives you predictable revenue, reduced churn, and higher average order values.

Why subscriptions?

The subscription market is predicted to grow to nearly $500 billion by 2025. It’s time to capture your slice of the pie.

Why subscriptions

Increase customer lifetime value (LTV)

  • Repeat customers are 50% more likely to make another purchase than new customers, and they spend 33% more on average
  • Subscriptions allow you to foster ongoing relationships with your customers that keep them coming back—in fact, the majority of consumers (60%) have had the same subscription for over a year
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Reduce churn

  • Maximize the time you have with your customers and give them a seamless experience to do business with you
  • Avoid passive churn by allowing for flexible checkout options like one-time purchases, skipping a shipment, or swapping products

Increase average order value (AOV)

  • Implementing subscriptions lends itself to increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • In 2020 alone, merchants saw an increase of 6% in AOV across verticals, meaning customers are engaging more than ever with subscription brands
Increase AOV

Types of subscriptions

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Curation is the most popular subscription model (55% of merchants choose this subscription type). Here, merchants curate a box of one or more products, which are packaged together and shipped at a regular cadence.

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The second-most popular subscription model (32% of merchants choose this subscription type), replenishment offers the same product on a consistent basis. It’s also referred to as “subscribe-and-save” and works best for products that are consumables (ones that most people use daily).

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The third and fastest-growing subscription model (13% of merchants choose this subscription type), access is most commonly used to offer a membership or gate availability. This model is growing quickly because of the wide variety of benefits merchants can offer their subscribers.

Increase LTV with subscriptions

Subscriptions + One time purchases
Subscriptions + OTP




For this exercise, we analyzed our book of business of 15k merchants. We calculate LTV using the following formula:

Subscriptions only, multiply by 1.7
Subscriptions + One time purchases, multiply by 2.3

Getting started guide

  • 1. Determine your subscription business plan
    What offerings do you plan to allow for your recurring subscriptions?
  • 2. Sign up for Recharge for free
    Try out Recharge for free to walk through setting up subscriptions for your store.
  • 3. Set up your products for subscriptions
    Using the onboarding flow in Recharge, set up your checkout flow to allow for subscription selections.
  • 4. Ensure your logistics and shipping are in order for recurring fulfillment
    Ensure that you are able to support regular purchases of products on a recurring basis.
  • 5. Turn on subscriptions
    Try out a test order, then go live!
  • 6. Let your customers know!
    Get in front of your most loyal customers and share the great news that they can subscribe to your amazing products.
  • 7. Gather customer feedback often
    Check in on your analytics with a select number of your customers to ensure their subscriptions are working well for them. Test new suggestions to continue to enhance the customer experience.
  • 8. Optimize your subscriptions with key integrations
    Leverage the hundreds of integrations with Recharge to create a tech stack that meets the needs of your customers at every phase of their journey.