Retain your subscribers at every step in their journeys

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Why Retain?

Acquiring customers is more challenging and expensive than ever before. It can cost as much as 5x more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, and an abundance of choice in the market makes customer loyalty increasingly rare.

Improving retention by 5% increases gross merchandise value (GMV) by 25%—but there’s no silver bullet. Complex customer lifecycles, incomplete data sets, and ever-evolving customer bases have made it difficult to build an all-encompassing retention strategy. And that’s where Retain comes in.

With Retain, Recharge makes it easier to retain your hard-earned customers with its holistic suite of retention-focused tools. Understand when and why customers churn, then build a retention strategy that engages, incentivizes, and saves your customers at the moments that matter most.

Tom BambaraSenior Manager of Customer Success and Customer Experience at Tiege Hanley

“Recharge empowers merchants with baked-in retention tools that help you to grow your business right out of the box.”

What's included in Retain


Create loyalty throughout your subscriber lifecycle with incentives that help you get customers to their next order time-and-time again.

Data-informed strategies

Identify the most valuable windows of opportunity to engage your customers, and use A/B testing to pinpoint the strategies and rewards combinations that have the biggest impact.

Personalized incentives

Create unique combinations of credits, free gifts, and progressive discounts to keep your customers engaged in your own way.

Re-engagement opportunities

Highlight unused rewards in Cancellation Prevention flows to re-engage at-risk customers and prompt additional orders.

Cancellation Prevention

Stop cancellations in their tracks with offers tailored to customer behavior, and strengthen your overall retention strategy with valuable insights on why customers cancel.

No-code customization

Customize text and colors, adjust layout, and embed video to craft a cancellation journey that's unique to your brand—all without writing a line of code.

Targeted offers

Give larger discounts to customers with higher subscription spend, personalize cancellation reasons based on product, or A/B test offers to determine what stops customers from canceling.

Comprehensive analytics

Understand why your customers stay or leave, maximize your save rate, and refine your strategy with customer data on top-performing offers and product-specific cancellation reasons.

Failed Payment Recovery

Recapture lost revenue and prevent passive churn with automated smart retry technology

Smart retries

Leverage our AI and machine learning-based smart retry policy that finds the best time to retry payments to recover even more revenue.

Timely notifications

Send timely notifications that offer full customization over the look and feel of the message.

In-depth performance data

Track your overall revenue saved, analyze daily recovery patterns, and identify the recovery method used.

Win Backs Coming Soon

Incentivize lost customers to place another order with compelling offers showcased on tailored landing pages, and optimize the experience by continuously experimenting and tracking performance with our analytics.

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Optimize your subscriber lifecycle with dynamic, personalized experiences to drive retention