BIOHM, one of the world’s leading microbiome companies, empowers individuals to live healthier lives by optimizing their gut health. Utilizing microbiome data, and partnering with premium manufacturers, they’ve created products with the highest quality strains and ingredients.

Biohm decreased churn rate by over 9% by adding a customer portal

Their Gut Test Kit provides a comprehensive analysis of bacterial and fungal levels present in the gut. After customers send in their kits, BIOHM’s team creates a customized regimen for each person. Heavily invested in innovation and scientific discovery, they are always ensuring their products match the forefront of health research.

“Recharge as a tool definitely helps us keep our subscribers around, whether it’s allowing them to manage their subscription on their own, or making sure their entire experience is seamless.”

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Melanie Corrigan

Director of Ecommerce & Marketing


With products that are used with regularity, subscriptions were a natural fit for BIOHM’s business model. They have been offering subscriptions through Recharge since inception in 2017.

    While they had started to establish a strong base of subscribers, churn was high. Subscribers were running into challenges trying to manage their subscriptions. For example, when subscribers got a notification from Recharge, they couldn’t access their subscription through Shopify—the accounts were not properly linked together. Additionally, customers who had both subscriptions and made one-time purchases, were unable to log in to Recharge, and had to have a link set via email. BIOHM wanted a seamless, simple solution to empower subscription management. They wanted to focus on customer retention, and encourage subscribers to stick around longer.

    Biohm decreased churn rate by over 9% by adding a customer portal


BIOHM partnered with eHouse Studio, an ecommerce agency, combining the best of UX design, technology, and analytics, to build out a customer portal. After doing demos, eHouse created a completely custom central hub. They integrated Shopify orders and Recharge orders, so customers can see both one time purchases and their subscriptions in the same place. In the portal, BIOHM’s subscribers can make adjustments to their subscriptions, whether it’s editing their next charge date, order frequency, or address. They also included the abilities for subscribers to add on one-time products and additional subscriptions without a new checkout. With eHouse, BiIOHM designed an intuitive experience for seamless subscription management.

    To further address churn, BIOHM added a survey to their cancellation flow. When customers go to cancel their subscription, BIOHM is able to offer an immediate solution based on their reason for canceling—like skipping an order if they have too much product, or suggesting a different product if their current one isn’t working.
      Finally, their product pages are set to subscription by default. Customers immediately see their savings with a subscription, and have to opt-in to a one-time purchase instead.

Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge


With the addition of the portal, subscribers can quickly and easily modify their subscription so it continues to meet their needs. BIOHM saw that many subscribers chose to skip orders in the portal, but ultimately stay subscribed—their churn rate decreased by over 9%, and continues to go down.

    Plus, with their subscription-focused offering, BIOHM sees 40% of new customers opting in to subscriptions. And by upgrading and simplifying the subscription experience, they’ve built a solid, loyal base of subscribers—55% of their customer base has a subscription.

“There’s a reason Recharge is the main subscription service you go to. The tool is really simple to use. It’s only going to help your business in the long run.”

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Danielle Filip

Director of Customer Experience