Recharge: a best-in-class BigCommerce subscription management app

Ready to convert your visitors and one-time purchasers into lifelong customers on your BigCommerce store? Recharge is the best way to scale your business and build customer loyalty

Manage customer relationships

Launch and scale your BigCommerce store

Seamlessly launch and optimize your BigCommerce subscriptions, maximizing revenue growth. Subscriptions allow your brand to have a meaningful relationship with your customers, and Recharge empowers you to make the most of those relationships.

BigCommerce vendors can now integrate with Recharge for a frictionless subscription experience. Our app simplifies subscription management, streamlines the checkout process, and allows you to manage multichannel commerce options all in one place.

Fully compatible with the BigCommerce ecosystem

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Frictionless payments

We believe recurring payments should be as seamless as possible for both your customers and your BigCommerce store. With our BigCommerce integration, your customers will go through the same checkout experience, no matter the contents of their cart.

Unified checkout

Now, your online store can use Recharge for subscription management and customer management, while order processing—whether for a subscription, one-time product, or a mixed cart—will take place through BigCommerce.

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Create custom workflows

Automate key processes during and after checkout to optimize your customer experience with Recharge Workflows

Workflows power the customer experience, such as changing the price of a product to give a loyalty discount or offering a 15-day free trial to new customers. Save your team from time-consuming manual tasks; Workflows can be set once and will apply to all future orders once enabled.

Integrate your tech stack

Seamlessly integrate with the most popular BigCommerce apps. We support the major payment processors, including: Braintree by Paypal and Stripe. We also integrate with top commerce tools in these categories to support a best-of-breed commerce stack. Connect us with technologies you’ve already implemented, like Klaviyo, Gorgias, and Loyalty Lion.

Integrates with these solutions

Loyalty Lion
Loyalty Lion

Top subscription app on BigCommerce

Powerful APIs to optimize customer experience

What kind of subscription experience do you want to create for your customers? Recharge’s APIs can help you make your vision a reality, allowing you to create workflows to customize your subscriptions as much as you like.

Build a custom checkout flow, create your own workflows like post-purchase upsells, design your customer portal exactly how you envision it, query store performance data to do in-depth analysis. Our APIs help merchants put their ideal experience into action.

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Empower subscribers with the customer portal

Allowing customers to control their own subscriptions is a powerful strategy for reducing customer support costs, increasing average order value and LTV. With a BigCommerce subscription solution like Recharge, your users can:

  • Add one-time purchases to a recurring order
  • Swap products
  • Edit the delivery frequency of their subscription products
  • Edit their address or payment information for recurring billing

The customer portal allows your customers to manage their orders, creating a more seamless user experience that saves your store valuable time and resources.

Easily manage subscriptions with the merchant portal

Our merchant portal is a powerful tool for building customer relationships. Manage your customers’ information on their behalf and access their subscription accounts. You can:

  • Create a subscription for a specific user on their behalf
  • Manage subscriptions on your customers’ behalf
  • Create discounts for specific subscriptions
  • Pause or cancel a customer’s subscription

With our event history feature, you can even learn more about why users make changes to their subscriptions, which can help inform your overall business strategy and allow you to fine-tune a subscription option over time.

Screenshot of the merchant portal within the Recharge app

Quickly launch subscriptions on BigCommerce

  • 1. Install Recharge from the BigCommerce App Store
  • 2. Follow the instructions to enable the widget on your store.

    Already have subscribers? Migrate your subscriptions.

  • 3. Begin processing subscriptions!
Recharge x Bigcommerce

Recharge + BigCommerce