In 2017, Jenna Ryan and Spencer Gordon founded Uqora with a mission to revolutionize the way we manage our urinary health. Their focus on proactive care is why Uqora is always thinking of new ways to make life easier. Backed by science and technology, Uqora makes proactive urinary health and urinary tract infection (UTI) relief products easily accessible to all. With a subscription-based model, they’re focused on building deep relationships and providing a high-impact solution to their customers’ problems.

Uqora customers purchase products 8x over their lifetime

Lineup of Uqora urinary health products

At Uqora, we build a tight-knit relationship with our customers because they are dealing with something really personal. Given the different channels we use, our laptops would have 10 different tabs open. It was difficult to get a cohesive view of the customer. But with Gorgias + Recharge, we see all the information in one window and have better visibility into the customer to manage their subscription, saving us a ton of time.

Headshot of Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Manager, Uqora

Zoe Rotberg

Customer Success Manager, Uqora


Managing subscriptions can be tough. With customers wanting to make frequent adjustments to their plans, providing them with a seamless experience was critical for retention and boosting customer lifetime value (LTV). Uqora’s customer success team’s hope was to reduce friction caused by needing to collect data across different locations and maximize efficiency in order to build deeper relationships with their customers.

Uqora customers have the most success when using the products regularly, which is why subscriptions are a crucial part of their business. This roadblock was holding the Uqora team back from providing the seamless and quick personal interaction that their team prides itself on to optimize their customers’ subscription experience.


With the use of the Gorgias integration and Recharge, the Uqora team was able to have all of their customer data available within Gorgias and bring a personal touch to the customer support experience.

Gorgias’ integration also makes churn prevention easier by equipping the customer success team with consultative recommendations for customers based on their current plan, previous purchasing behavior, and the reason they are reaching out to support. This in turn helps customers find sustainable success with their proactive regimen from Uqora – their customers know that the Uqora team is here to help.

For example, if a customer reaches out saying they have too much product, they can simply change the date of their next shipment rather than cancelling their subscription completely from within the Gorgias dashboard.

Most importantly, Gorgias allows the team to support customers with anything they need – whether it’s changing their next renewal dates, pausing their subscription for a few weeks, or modifying the products in their subscription.

Discover how Recharge increases LTV Discover how Recharge increases LTV


Running this strategy across all key moments in the subscriber lifecycle allows the Uqora team to provide a personal and seamless experience for their most valued customers.

Gorgias is a key component in helping Uqora customers find success: It enables the customer success team to build genuine relationships with their customers and add value far beyond the products.

On average, customers purchase Uqora products more than eight times over the course of their lifetime, reflecting just how integral this subscription model is for both Uqora and their customers. With the integration between Gorgias and Recharge, Uqora is well supported to succeed with subscriptions.

I will say that switching over to Gorgias was hands down the best decision that we made in our tech stack build out, because it provided us the perfect integration to have with another absolutely crucial part of our tech stack, which is Recharge. And so having those two things together was a no brainer for us.

Headshot of Zoe Rotberg, Customer Success Manager, Uqora

Zoe Rotberg

Customer Success Manager, Uqora