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Join our family of over 2,300 beauty and personal care brands that have taken their direct to consumer strategy to the next level with subscriptions. 

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Elevate your brand from a single item to a guiding light in your customer’s beauty routine. Seamlessly blend your products into their daily ritual with Recharge. Let them curate their subscriptions, swap items as they please, and experience a smooth, hassle-free journey—no coding required on your end. 

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Empower your customer’s skincare journey

With Recharge, you can put the power in your customers’ hands. Whether they want to swap a product, adjust the size, play with shades, or skip a delivery—customizing orders is effortless. We believe in making the subscription experience seamless from start to finish. Plus, as your customers perfect their beauty routine, they can discover new favorites with convenient upselling opportunities right in their customer portal.

Give customers the tools to build a beauty routine

Help customers discover something they love

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“We outgrew [our custom solution] and were looking for something more sustainable that can handle scale and was proven in the market, that also had a robust enough API to be able to build upon if we needed to.”

Alexander SokolovDirector, Software Engineering, Athena Club

Iterate, test, and learn along the way

Explore the diagram below to see the progression of our Targeted Cross-sell flow in action, from the initial A/B test to actionable results.

TriggerSet a trigger to determine conditions for your upsell offer test

A/B testSelect the breakdown of your customers who will receive the offer

Upsell offerSegment A will be offered a discount on a product they haven’t tried, serving as the experimental group. Meanwhile, Segment B will serve as the control group and won’t receive any discount offer

NotificationCommunicate to recipients about their product offer

Branch metricGain insights about how your test performed