Frictionless migrations to Recharge

Whether you have 20 subscribers or 200,000, we understand how to keep your business running during a technology transition. Having completed hundreds of successful migrations, our team of specialists has built extensive documentation, tools, and a 1:1 support program to help you plan a smooth migration to Recharge.

Gain insights from dedicated migration specialists

Gain insights from dedicated migration specialists

Your business continuity is our highest priority. In addition to identifying key growth opportunities, our migration specialists will point out potential risks and provide recommendations so your migration is swift and successful.

Migrate from anywhere

Recharge supports migrations from a broad array of subscription apps, ecommerce platforms, custom deployments, and other legacy platforms. Our specialists can ensure your migration path is catered to your specific, current deployment.


Control your timeline

With the help of our migration tools and a detailed checklist, your team is empowered to drive your own migration timeline. For additional support or guidance, our global support is just a click away.

What’s the migration process?

  • 1. Go live with Recharge and launch subscriptions
    Add Recharge to your store, complete the setup process, and conduct a test subscription order to confirm the setup is complete. You’re on your way! Next, fill out our migration form to plan your next steps with our team.
  • 2. Compile customer data and payment data
    Your team will need to prepare your customer data as per the Recharge migration template. It’s crucial to compile accurate subscription and payment information. We’ll also review the data to make sure we have all the info necessary for the import.
  • 3. Flip the switch!
    Bulk import your data and walk through our post-migration checklist to ensure your data has been imported correctly. Our team will ensure that your customers are not double-billed.