Seeking an optimal way to deliver vitamins and improve upon already existing routines, Better & Better makes premium, natural toothpaste infused with essential vitamins. Backed by science, their initial vitamin formula, Fully Charged, includes vitamins D3 and B12, which are the two most common vitamin deficiencies for adults in the US. Brushing better means pure, natural, vegan, and simple ingredients — and never forgetting to take your vitamins.

Better & Better increased flexibility and saw 65% of their customers choose subscriptions

The second Better is a commitment to make their products better for the planet from ingredient sourcing to packaging. Their innovative toothpaste packaging reduces plastic and their new Natural Floss and Bamboo Toothbrushes are plastic-free.

“We’ve had amazing partners to help us strategize and build our e-commerce experience, but we always knew that day-to-day, we would have to be able to run the business ourselves. We needed a platform that would really give us flexibility, allow us to be customer-centric, and be easy to use.”

Mary Costa, Chief Marketing Officer @ Better & Better

Mary Costa

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder, Better & Better


Focused on optimizing people’s routines, Better & Better launched as a subscription-only business. With their subscription model, they ensured customers would never be without toothpaste, and their business could maintain a reliable recurring revenue stream.

    In an effort to embody one of their core principles of perpetual progress (always getting better), they realized in a few short months that they needed to evolve their options for purchase. So in pursuit of a more personalized customer experience and out of respect for how customers primarily shop for toothpaste, Better & Better decided to offer a one-time purchase option. They also wanted to provide a more flexible, intuitive, and engaging subscription experience for their customers to maintain their strong subscriber base.

    Better & Better increased flexibility and saw 65% of their customers choose subscriptions


From launch, Better & Better partnered with BVA, a commerce agency that grows direct-to-consumer brands, to build out their digital storefront. To deliver customers an engaging experience, and help them find the right product fit, BVA created a custom quiz. In the quiz, customers answered questions such as how many people were in their household and which type of toothpaste they preferred. To complement the personalization aspect of the quiz, BVA implemented Recharge’s API’s. They built a portal in Recharge, where customers can completely customize their subscription - they can select product type, quantity, frequency, and payment options. After purchase, customers were able to swap products for upcoming shipments.

    To meet customer and client needs, when Better & Better shifted to a one-time purchase and subscription hybrid model, BVA needed to ensure the subscription incentive was clear and the options were flexible. They wanted customers to be able to choose what’s right for them and for Better & Better to maintain and build a strong subscriber base. In addition to updating the product detail pages and checkout, BVA evolved the customer portal. All customers can see their prior purchases, but subscribers can easily swap products, add one-time products to upcoming shipments, skip shipments, and schedule their upcoming orders to any date of their choice.

Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge


After moving to a hybrid model, Better & Better saw a 25% lift immediately in order volume. While the additional option helped lower the barrier to entry for some, their orders are still primarily for subscriptions — 65% of their customer base chooses subscriptions at initial checkout.

    Plus by shifting the customer portal, BVA helped Better & Better focus on their entire customer base. Every customer has access to the portal — increasing engagement, encouraging one-time purchasers to later sign up for a subscription, and encouraging subscribers to add items to their recurring subscription shipments. Better & Better has seen an increase in CLTV and decrease in churn correlating to the introduction of the account portal and the opportunity for customers to add on items to their orders. And, the portal with Recharge has laid a solid foundation for future loyalty programs and rewards structures.

“By implementing Recharge for Better & Better, our teams have been able to create a seamless subscription experience that is not only convenient for customers but aims to delight. Additionally, this platform will allow flexibility as the client continues to scale and grow.”

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Shayna Lapidus

Producer, BVA