To combat the throwaway culture of personal care products, UK brand Wild Deodorant created the first deodorant refill. They designed aluminum-free, compostable applicators made from recycled plastic.

Wild Deodorant gained over 100,000 subscribers in 7 months

Instead of buying another deodorant when they run out, customers can refill their case with a brand new stick of deodorant. This eliminates unnecessary plastic, lowering waste, cost and carbon emissions. Wild is committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction. They’ve sourced scents from nature’s finest ingredients, offering a variety of options from Coconut Dreams to Orange Zest.

“We’re proud to have such a strong and collaborative partner network to enhance the Shopify sites Eastside Co develops. Our team has a great relationship with Recharge, and the platform delivers fantastic results when integrated on our client sites.”

Jason Stokes

Jason Stokes

CEO, Eastside Co


Wild wanted to empower customers to manage their subscriptions. Their business model was a perfect match for subscriptions—once customers had purchased their applicator, they could sign up for deodorant sticks on subscription.

However, if a customer had too much product, or wanted to skip a shipment, they needed to be able to make those adjustments easily. If there are too many steps to complete, a customer might just cancel their subscription altogether. They also wanted to allow customers to swap their current subscription for a different scent. Wild wanted to reduce churn and increase engagement by giving customers flexibility to personalize their subscriptions.

Wild Deodorant gained over 100,000 subscribers in 7 months


Wild partnered with Eastside Co, a premier Shopify agency specializing in ecommerce businesses, to build out a customer portal. Eastside Co blended attractive imagery with intentional functionality, leading prospective customers straight to the subscription program. Once there, customers can customize each aspect to receive their own, unique product.

With Recharge’s API, Wild designed a fully functional customer portal. In the portal, customers can easily skip a shipment, try a new fragrance, or change delivery dates.

Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge Discover how to customize your customer portal with Recharge


With the overhauled UX, the portal clearly offers the ability to swap products so customers are more likely to stay subscribed, therefore growing lifetime value and reducing churn. With all the changes, the results speak for themselves: in less than one year, subscription processing alone has grown to over £1m a month. The phenomenal success of the site and subscription service meant other countries were given the green light. There can be technical complexities to navigate in order to achieve success in multiple countries, but through collaboration with Recharge and Eastside Co, Wild has launched a German store and has plans for more countries as their business continues to scale.

“The combined tech stack of Shopify and Recharge, brought together by Eastside Co, has really demonstrated the power of subscriptions and helped boost Wild to the next level much more quickly than we’d anticipated.”

Charlie Bowes lyon

Charlie Bowes-Lyon

Co-Founder & CMO, Wild Cosmetics