One of the major players on the market today, Shopify Checkout is becoming the checkout of choice for more and more merchants. After all, Shopify powers roughly 10% of U.S. ecommerce today, and in 2022 alone, the platform supported 500 million unique online shoppers.

Many merchants are converting from other checkouts to tap into Shopify Checkout’s numerous benefits, including improved checkout conversions and deeply integrated data. And recently, Shopify announced that beginning in October of 2024, subscription apps that are not integrated directly with the Shopify Checkout will no longer be able to accept or process subscription orders. 

Since 2020, Recharge has partnered with Shopify to offer a version of the Recharge checkout that leverages the Shopify Checkout and Shopify’s Subscription APIs. To date, over 9,000 merchants and counting use the Shopify Checkout for Recharge.

Looking to make the switch for your ecommerce store? Our dedicated Checkout Conversion team is here to support you every step of the way. In this post, we’ll share more information on the conversion process, including the technical requirements you need to know.

Key takeaways

  • Shopify Checkout offers a multitude of benefits for merchants, including improved checkout conversions.
  • Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration is used by over 9,000 merchants, and Recharge’s Checkout Conversion team is here to support your store in migrating.

What are the benefits of converting to Shopify Checkout?

The Shopify Checkout offers numerous benefits for merchants, including: 

  • Increased checkout conversion rates 
  • A native checkout that supports subscriptions
  • Deeply integrated data within the Shopify admin
  • Robust opportunities for customization

Recently, Canadian Health & Wellness brand Bird&Be migrated to the Shopify Checkout Integration to improve the checkout experience for customers. Now, their updated checkout is easier, more convenient, and more flexible for shoppers to use. 

For example, they improved their payment flexibility for customers by taking advantage of Recharge’s multi-currency feature, ensuring that shoppers could make purchases in their currency of choice. 

What are the steps to converting?

There are two main steps to converting from the Recharge Checkout to the Shopify Checkout Integration for Recharge, plus a third step if you have existing subscribers.

1. Store assessment by the Recharge Conversion Team

First, a member of Recharge’s Conversion Team will conduct an assessment of your current Recharge Checkout setup to pave the way for a smooth conversion process. This process may take a few business days, or slightly longer if your store has a large amount of customizations.

During the assessment, the team will consider factors such as:

  • Your payment processor
  • Your customer portal theme
  • Any third-party integrations you use
  • Any custom coding
  • Your shipping settings and configurations
  • The number of products you sell 
  • And more

After the store assessment has been completed, the Conversion Team will provide you with recommendations. This will include guidance on any customizations your store requires and notes on any current store settings that may not be compatible with the Shopify Checkout Integration.

2. Storefront and store settings conversion

Next, Recharge’s Checkout Conversion Team will update your store settings, plus complete a refreshed installation of your subscription widget. This step of the process ensures that your settings are configured for the Shopify Checkout Integration.

This step includes the following processes:

  • Updating your store permissions 
  • Enabling a payment processor
  • Creating selling plan groups 
  • Installing the subscription widget

Finally, once the process is finished, complete our post-conversion and migration checklist to ensure everything is running smoothly with your new setup. 

3. Migrate your existing subscribers

Once your storefront and store settings have been updated by our team, your new subscribers will purchase their subscriptions for you via the Shopify Checkout, and their orders will be processed by your eligible payment processor. 

If you have existing subscribers, however, their subscriptions will continue to process in Recharge via your legacy payment gateway.

To prevent this and ensure that all of your existing subscribers’ recurring orders are processed through Shopify, you can leverage Recharge’s safe, reliable existing subscriber migration process. This includes:

  • Adding your legacy payment gateway to your Shopify admin
  • Scheduling a time for Recharge to perform your existing subscriber migration
  • Updating (by the Recharge Team) your existing customer data to Shopify’s standards

Where can I learn more about the conversion process? 

Looking for more details on the conversion process? Check out our frequently asked questions, and review the technical details and requirements for converting to Recharge’s Shopify Checkout Integration.