This week, Shopify announced that after October 18, 2024, subscription apps that are not integrated directly with the Shopify Checkout will no longer be able to accept or process subscription orders. 

This means that Recharge will assist the transition of all merchants currently using the Recharge Checkout to our Shopify Checkout Integration (SCI) by that date. But with 18 months until the deadline, there’s plenty of time to take action. 

Below, we’ve outlined what this news means for your business, the benefits of converting, and where to find more information about the process.

How does Recharge support the conversion process?

Since November 2020, Recharge has partnered with Shopify to offer a version of the Recharge checkout that leverages the Shopify Checkout and Shopify’s Subscription APIs. To date, over 9,000 merchants use the Shopify Checkout Integration for Recharge—and that number only continues to grow. 

Our Checkout Conversion team is dedicated to supporting you through the conversion process, and has already successfully guided more than 1,800 merchants through the process.

What are the benefits of the Shopify Checkout Integration?

The Recharge app integrated directly with Shopify Checkout offers a host of benefits for merchants. These include: 

  • A native checkout that supports subscriptions
  • Improved checkout conversions
  • Deeply integrated data in the Shopify admin
  • And more

In the past, these benefits alone have compelled many Recharge merchants to convert to the Shopify Checkout Integration. Bird&Be, a Canada-based consumer health company, is one such example. 

Their migration not only allowed them to offer their subscribers a more seamless checkout experience, but also to opt in to our latest multi-currency feature. Ultimately, this empowered them to sell to customers in their local currency, removing a key barrier to acquisition and retention.

What happens next? 

As the deadline for converting to SCI isn’t until October 18, 2024, there’s no need to fret. To most efficiently support your business and allow ample time for the transition, Recharge will be converting merchants in designated cohorts ahead of the deadline—you’ll hear more from us about specific timing in the coming weeks.

Our priority is to ensure a seamless conversion experience to the Shopify Checkout Integration for all our merchants, and we look forward to supporting you through the process. More information about converting can be found in our Help Center article.