Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have transformed the shopping experience by providing consumers with direct access to high-quality products, eliminating intermediaries and fostering a more personalized shopping experience. Among the popular offerings from DTC brands, subscription programs allow customers to receive their favorite products on a regular basis offering convenience and reliability.

But some DTC brands are taking their subscription programs to the next level by offering innovative and exciting features that go beyond the standard monthly delivery. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways DTC brands are getting creative with how they offer subscriptions. 

Key takeaways

  • DTC brands are offering innovative features in their subscription programs that go beyond a recurring charge.
  • Personalization is key in differentiating brands from competitors and offering an optimal customer experience.
  • Memberships and bundling can increase value for customers over time.

Power up your business with personalization

Many DTC brands are using data and technology to personalize their subscription programs for each individual customer. In the current economic landscape, using data-driven personalization is key in differentiating yourself from competitors and offering an optimal customer experience. Since subscriptions create a natural relationship between a brand and its customers, it’s important to foster that connection with personalization. 

Wild uses a quiz flow to offer personalized options

Wild is a UK-based natural deodorant company that not only offers a subscription program for its products, but also provides personalization options for its subscribers. Users can select their preferred scent of deodorant, as well as the frequency of their shipments, ranging from every 1 to 3 months. In addition, subscribers can customize their shipments by choosing to add additional products, such as the company’s Wild refillable deodorant case.

Wild offers a personalized quiz flow to tailor its offerings to its customers.

Customers can easily manage their subscription and make changes to their preferences at any time through the company’s website. This means that each subscriber receives a customized experience that caters to their unique needs and preferences.

Bird&Be offers flexibility tailored to the fertility journey

Bird&Be offers personalized supplement recommendations based on an individual’s stage in their fertility journey and creates a high level of flexibility to their customers. By taking into account an individual’s unique needs and stage of their fertility journey, this can create a tailored experience that adapts and evolves with the customer’s changing needs over time. This level of flexibility not only ensures that customers receive the right supplements at the right time, but it also makes the subscription program more convenient and valuable for the customer. By providing personalized recommendations, Bird&Be is able to create a deeper connection with their customers and demonstrate a commitment to their overall health and wellness.

Bird&Be makes the fertility journey more accessible from the comfort of your home.

LOLA’s donation program increases accessibility to those in need

LOLA, a feminine care brand, has a donation program that aims to provide menstrual products to people who may not have access to them. The program is called “LOLA Gives Back,” and it works by donating a portion of every LOLA purchase to organizations that help distribute menstrual products to those in need. Through this program, LOLA partners with organizations like I Support the Girls to combine the convenience of their product offerings with their mission to provide high-quality menstrual products and address the issue of menstrual inequality.

Though this isn’t an example of personalization on the customer level, LOLA is able to create a customized experience that brings together consumers who care about the ingredients that go into their hygiene products and also support the accessibility of these products to those from low-income households.

LOLA partners to bring menstrual hygiene products to those in need.

Tempo brings personal coaching into your home with a membership

Tempo offers a subscription program that provides users with access to the Tempo Studio and all of its features, including the AI-powered motion tracking technology, personalized coaching, and a variety of workout programs. 

Tempo is an IoT brand that offers a subscription in the form of membership.

The subscription program offers several different plans, ranging from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription. Users can also choose to add additional coaching sessions to their subscription for a more personalized experience. The subscription program includes access to the Tempo app, which provides users with additional workout programs, nutritional guidance, and progress tracking.

The personalized coaching program ensures that users are getting the most out of their workouts, and the AI-powered motion tracking technology provides real-time feedback to help users improve their form and technique.

Offering bundles to drive value

BrickHouse Nutrition is a health and fitness supplement company that offers a wide range of nutritional products. One of their most popular offerings is their subscription program, which provides customers with the convenience of regularly receiving their favorite supplements.

Brickhouse Nutrition offers bundles on subscription.

Using bundles in your subscription program is a way for businesses to provide added value and convenience to customers. This can be particularly attractive to customers who regularly use multiple products from a given brand, as it provides a convenient way to receive everything they need in a single shipment, or try out new flavors and products they may not have thought of originally.

In general, businesses that offer bundled subscription packages have a higher customer retention rate than those that offer individual products or services. In fact, businesses that offer bundles have an average retention rate of 90%, compared to an average retention rate of 75% for businesses that do not offer bundles. This suggests that bundling can be a highly effective strategy for driving customer loyalty and retention in the DTC space.

Unlocking the potential of innovation

Our merchants are taking a creative approach to their subscription programs by implementing personalization, bundling, and membership perks to enhance the customer experience. With the use of data-driven personalization, bundling products, and offering exclusive membership perks, brands can stand out from traditional retail by providing a level of convenience, flexibility, and customization that meets customers’ unique needs. As the popularity of subscription programs continues to rise, we can anticipate even more innovative and customer-centric approaches from DTC brands, solidifying their status as trailblazers in the ecommerce industry.