Image shows a paint palette, music note, microphone, and shipping box.

My name is Sheana Rivero and I just celebrated my first 90 days at Recharge! I’m a Tier 1 Support engineer by day, and a makeup artist and content creator at night. 

While falling in love with the Recharge culture and my coworkers, I realized that there are a lot of super talented artists working here—like a crazy amount of just uber-talented individuals—and I was immediately inspired by them.

Slack plays a major role in the way we communicate at this remote-first company, and it is filled with many different channels to share our daily lives, thoughts, and opinions. Fostering a sense of community is also ingrained in Recharge’s culture, so I wanted to create a space for other artists to gather and share their talents. 

That is how The Art Hub was born.

Creativity in the workplace

Artists often struggle to stay inspired and feel like they must hide their passions in corporate America. They feel as though they must blend into this picture of what a professional looks like, which usually results in a dimming of their artistic light. When you leave that art stuff at home instead of bringing it to work, eventually that disconnect affects both worlds negatively. 

While working you dream about your art, and when you finally get to your art, you curse work for keeping you away from your passions. 

You would probably be surprised to know that creativity is one of the most important characteristics of an effective leader and fosters a successful and healthy workplace environment. By bringing my unique perspective as an artist to the workplace, I am able to have the best of both worlds.  

Presenting The Art Hub

The Art Hub is a safe place for creative thinking that’s full of people ready to empathize with things their teammates may struggle with as artists, as well as cheer them on and celebrate their accomplishments. Being a part of such a supportive community really helped me feel empowered to make an impact, even though I haven’t been at Recharge for that long.

I was able to present my new club to the entire company during one of our weekly town halls. Speaking to over three hundred people via Zoom definitely wasn’t on my 2022 experience bingo card, but it happened and I didn’t pass out on camera, so I’ll call that a win! 

A Soulful Jazz Experience

Co-hosting my first Recharge event was a blast! A Soulful Jazz Experience had a great turnout, and the feedback from everyone after the fact was unanimous. Everyone enjoyed learning about the history of jazz and was amazed by the performances of their featured coworkers. We had poetry, dance, a solo tenor horn player, and a live DJ set that allowed us all to collectively vibe to some tunes.

Welcoming artists at Recharge

With the creation of The Art Hub, artists across Recharge are given the opportunity to connect and share their unique gifts. Plus, events over Zoom allow these creatives to showcase their talents and share another part of themselves with their coworkers!