Celebrating Pride month at Recharge.

Today we meet Alex, an Enterprise Support Lead at Recharge. Alex ensures our merchants get the best support, leading a team dedicated to smooth customer experiences. Since joining in April 2022, Alex has enjoyed three years at Recharge, bringing a decade of ecommerce experience with her. Read on to learn more about Alex’s journey, advice for newcomers, and her involvement with the Pride and Allies ERG.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do at Recharge?

At Recharge, I’m a leader of one of two teams in our Enterprise Support organization. My day is spent collaborating with our agents and internal stakeholders to ensure a smooth experience for our merchants. On the personal side, I’m an amateur digital artist as well as a Canadian expat and dual citizen.

When did you join Recharge? What has your experience been like?

I joined Recharge April 2022 and just celebrated my three year anniversary at the company! I’ve been in ecommerce for 10 years, so I had a solid baseline on what the work would be, but I was happily surprised by the culture. I have a fair few “offline” friends that I met here. Those who work in tech know that it’s an eccentric beast of a space, but at the end of the day, even on my sleepiest days, it’s a joy to work with our teams.

What’s one piece of advice that you would give somebody who’s new to the company or industry?

Think about the positive and negative experiences you’ve had in online retail—was it the number of steps you had to complete that made something frustrating? The way instructions were presented? Your experience as a customer can play a meaningful role in improving customer experience for others, even if you’ve never worked in the industry before. 

The same goes for moving from traditional retail into online customer support. The people skills you’d need in a storefront are the same you’d need in online channels. You’ve been a customer before—how do you prefer to be treated? 

What drove you to join the Pride and Allies ERG? What has your experience been like?

Something I wish that I’d had more access to in my early career is examples of queer people succeeding in the spaces I was in. There is a ton of complexity to when someone might share that side of themselves, and I now have the security and privilege to do that for others.

I think the ERG is full of other individuals like that: people who are content to be seen and to share their experiences. It might seem simple but the effect of being open and communicative about your successes and struggles impacts each new generation entering the space, one person at a time.

What are your top three queer-owned or queer-founded brands on Recharge?

  • Potentially an overshare, but I basically wear nothing but Woxer at this point. Woxer actually has a Pride March collection in collaboration with Mal Wright. 
  • Equator Coffee! I’ve enjoyed their coffee before but only recently realized they’re a company we work with. Exciting for me, less exciting for my stuffed coffee shelf.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bokksu. I ordered snacks for my parents that they loved, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet their founder Danny, who is a delight.

Learn more about working at Recharge

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) are critical to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace. These groups provide employees from diverse backgrounds and communities the opportunity to come together, share stories/experiences, and amplify their voices at Recharge. You can learn more about working at Recharge on our Careers page.