Subscription Experience

Create and test dynamic subscriber journeys

Engage and retain your subscriber base.

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Your brand is unique. Recharge provides you with the tools you need to craft dynamic subscriber journeys to match.

Retain more subscribers, increase your LTV, and keep subscribers engaged with personalized experiences at every touchpoint. Enhance your subscriber journey across the lifecycle leveraging templates that draw on insights from over 20,000 merchants, and test what works best for your customers.

Customize and optimize at every step

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Conditional branches

Craft personalized experiences for subscribers that meet designated criteria. Narrow down cohorts based on average order value, number of orders, purchased products, and more.

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A/B tests

Optimize every touchpoint by comparing different incentives or cross-sell products to identify what drives the most powerful results.

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Decide exactly when and how you want to tell subscribers about an offer, free gift, or other experience. Leverage Recharge notifications, or choose to communicate through emails created in Klaviyo.

Retain New

You’ve worked hard to acquire each customer. Recharge Retain provides you with a holistic suite of tools to make it easier to retain them at every step of their journey. Understand when and why customers churn, then build a retention strategy that engages, incentivizes, and saves your customers at the moments that matter most.

Engage, incentivize, and retain your customers with tailored rewards that help you get customers to their next order.

Create custom, data-informed cancellation journeys that are personalized to each subscriber and optimized to help them choose a different path.

Recapture more revenue and prevent passive churn with automated technology that leverages AI and machine learning to inform smart retries.

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Grow Coming Soon

Increase your revenue with a suite of tools designed to maximize AOV. Highlight personalized product recommendations and targeted cross-sell offers at checkout, in-cart, and post-purchase—dynamically weaving growth tactics throughout the customer journey.

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Mike AltmanDirector of Lifecycle & CRM, Who Gives a Crap

“We want to make each experience unique. We're able to share more about our brand and connect with customers in new ways.”

Maximize your retention and grow your revenue with personalized subscriber journeys