Box with Sustainability Focused Subscription Brands Products

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day we wanted to showcase 5 brands who are leading the sustainability charge and using Recharge to power their subscriptions. 

Each month we like to showcase different merchants and the subscription products they provide on our Recharge blog. Previous brands we’ve featured are five Black-owned businesses using subscriptions and seven women-led businesses using subscriptions.

But without further ado let’s get to some sustainability focused brands using subscriptions powered by Recharge!


Oatly, a Swedish company, makes milk, ice cream, and yogurt from oats. Annual production of dairy milk uses 7,000 sq ft of land, more than 10 times as much for the same amount of oat milk.

Oat milk also requires less water and produces less greenhouse gas emissions. As a delicious dairy-alternative, this drink is great for people and the planet alike.

In 1994, Professor Richard Oste of Lund University pioneered the project of turning oats into usable, versatile liquid. Today, Oatly is an impressive leader in sustainability—they established Oat Academy to train school chefs in sustainable eating, create campaigns to promote awareness of plant-based diets, and calculate the individual climate footprint of all their products.  

oatly oatmilk

Customers can build their own subscription plans and get products delivered right to their door, so the fridge is always stocked with Oat-fueled awesomeness.

They can also manage delivery dates if they need an extra carton (we’re all guilty of going from a daily latte to an hourly cappuccino) or to pause for a bit. 

Check out Oatly’s sustainability report for more on how they’re championing change towards a climate-conscious food system. 

Wild Deodorant 

How many sticks of underarm antiperspirant do you go through a year? (Depending on your commitment to cardio, how high you keep the heat, or the amount of nerve-wracking convos you have a day, this number might be varied.)

To combat the throw-away culture of personal care products, Wild envisioned an effective solution—the first zero-plastic deodorant refill. You can purchase an applicator made from recycled plastic, and then simply replace the deodorant stick when you run out. 

Wild featured

Subscriptions are flexible, so you can switch up delivery frequency (once you’ve finished the calculation above) and deodorant fragrance. Scents are sourced from compostable ingredients, and come in an amazing variety, from Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt to Coconut Dreams. In the customer portal, you’re empowered to swap around to find the perfect match for you and your pits. 

With subscriptions powered by Recharge Wild grew to 100,000 customers in the first 7 months.

The company is passionate about their mission, sharing: “Our goal is to produce natural products that actually work, with zero compromise on quality. Wild stays kind to your body and its environment, while offering maximum sweat security.” Wild also commits to offsetting emissions.

For every deodorant they sell, they contribute a percentage of sales to the climate charity ‘On A Mission,’ to support reforestation projects. 


Looking for green cleaning products that work? Dropps has compostable packaging, free carbon neutral shipping and has ingredients so clean they won EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year. 


They’ve got you covered from the laundry room, to the kitchen, they’ve got you covered with their concentrated cleaning pods. And that ain’t all—  with a subscription to Dropps you save 25% and have the flexibility to set up a custom delivery schedule that works best for you. 


Here is Dropps impact statement:

Our Core Belief

We have a vision for what home care can – and should be. We believe that you can have it all: effective, eco-responsible, and convenient products. Not one thing at the expense of another.

Better for you, better for the planet.

Dropps Impact Statement

Pod & Parcel

Australian coffee culture is a worldwide obsession for good reason, and Melbourne-based Pod & Parcel aims to bring that same energy into its products. 

Founders Ben, Elliott, and Jai loved the convenience of their office coffee pod machine, but hated the flavor of the pods they used—a far cry from a cup in a local café. There was also the negative environmental impact of the product: 2-3 million coffee pods are consumed in Australia daily, with 30 billion already in existence.

So, they launched Pod & Parcel, aiming to make more sustainable and delicious coffee pods using small-batch, specialty-grade coffee and compostable, biodegradable pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines.

pod and parcel

The company offers coffee pods in a variety of flavor profiles and intensities. In terms of sustainability, in just 90 days, Pod & Parcel pods will fully break down in a commercial composting facility.

Choices are available both for one-time purchase and for 15% off with their subscribe-and-save option (and there’s also a sample pack for those that love to try everything before committing!). And don’t worry, U.S. customers—there’s free shipping for orders over $40.

Check out Pod & Parcel’s site for more information on their offerings, including certification that their pods compost.


In August 2020, BrewDog became the world’s first carbon negative brewery. They then took it one step further by committing to remove twice as much carbon as their employees are in their personal and professional lives. 

The brand also recently introduced The World’s Most Sustainable Beer Club, where they commit for every beer sold, they’ll remove twice as much carbon from the air that they emit. As if that pledge could get any better, the first box is free with no risk and no commitment. 


You can read all about their steps to ensuring a green world in their “Make Earth Great Again” Sustainability Report #2

The brand put their money “where our heart is” as they so eloquently put it, by purchasing 9,308 acres of land in the Scottish highlands where they plan on building the single biggest native woodland establishment and peatland restoration project ever carried out in the UK. Fun fact, the plot of land they’ve dedicated to the endeavour is bigger than 17 actual countries.


The business rebranded in June of 2020 and along with a new bold visual identity they set out their plan for the next chapter of their company titled, BrewDog Tomorrow to ensure “we have a planet to make beer for in the future.” 

Here is that plan and its six tenets:

  1. CANS FOR EQUITY​ – The brewery will invite anyone to trade in 50 empty beer cans to become a BrewDog Equity Punk, turning waste into equity.
  2. INDIE TRASH CANS​ – While aluminum is 100% recyclable, in 2018 over 45 billion cans ended up in landfill in the US alone.* BrewDog is pledging an upcycling revolution; old cans from any brand will be refilled with craft beer and given a new lease of life.
  3. ONCE BEER VODKA​ – Imperfect beer makes great vodka. Instead of wasting beer that misses their industry-leading quality standards, BrewDog will distill it and turn it into Vodka to reduce wastage.
  4. DIY DOG​ – The best transport miles are measured in footsteps. BrewDog is set to unveil a revolution in responsible brewing at home, encouraging everyone to “brew their own goddamn beer” with DIY Dog brewkits.
  5. BREWDOG FREEHOUSE​ – When BrewDog first revealed the recipes to every single one of its beers back in 2016, it marked a sea-change in how companies view their intellectual property. This spirit is set to continue, with all of the company’s beer knowledge made available and open-sourced.
  6. TOMORROW FUND​ –The BrewDog Tomorrow Fund will invest an additional £1 million a year to support research and initiatives that help the brewing industry to have a positive impact on the world as well as charitable initiatives chosen by their crewmembers and shareholders.

We hope you enjoyed this look at the sustainability focused brands using subscriptions featured in our April Merchants of the Month. Come back to the Recharge blog at the start of every month to see what new brands we are highlighting.