What are customer portals?

A customer portal is a secure hub on your ecommerce website that gives your customers easy access to all relevant information about their business with you. Customer portals can contain a variety of different features depending on your business, including invoices, account and billing information, access to support features or a knowledge base, options to swap products, and more. For subscription services, who interact with their customers on a recurring basis, customer portals are especially important. When built effectively, these tools have the ability to facilitate stronger merchant and customer relationships, increasing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Strategies for optimizing your customer portal

To optimize your customer portal for your subscription business, it’s important to think about customer flexibility. Empowering your subscribers to manage their own subscriptions increases flexibility and improves the customer experience, as they can update their active subscriptions on their own timeline in a few clicks, all without having to engage your customer support team. Making sure your customer portal is accessible via a mobile device is another important way to optimize your omnichannel strategy and ensure your customers can control their orders via the portal whether they’re at home or on the go.