Wildgrain is a subscription solution founded by a husband and wife with a passion for high-quality baked goods. The company brings its founders’ vision of fresh, premium bread directly to subscribers’ homes by delivering ready-to-bake bread and pastries each month.

How Wildgrain saved 22% of cancellations with Cancellation Prevention

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Wildgrain’s quality product helped them successfully cultivate a large customer base, but they still faced a challenge common in the subscription industry: customer churn. Wildgrain sought a solution that would improve customer retention and reduce churn without placing a huge burden on their team.


Wildgrain worked closely with the Recharge team to take a look at their customer behavior analytics and decided to implement Cancellation Prevention.

Cancellation Prevention

Cancellation Prevention is a no-code solution designed to retain subscribers attempting to deactivate their subscriptions. It uses customer cohort data and order data to create churn reduction strategies and present targeted cancellation reasons and winback strategies.

“Cancellation Prevention has been crucial to our retention team to allow them to quickly experiment and get real-time data on what flows are more effective than others for each cancellation reason.”

- Ismail Salhi, Co-founder of Wildgrain

Implementation: How-to

Wildgrain implemented Cancellation Prevention with the following steps:

1. Identify cancellation reasons

First, they identified the most common reasons for cancellations from prior years of customer behavior and distilled them into 14 distinct, concise options to be used in their new cancellation experience.

2. Implement Cancellation Prevention

Then, Wildgrain deployed Cancellation Prevention into their cancellation process, which offers customers trying to cancel various alternatives. Depending on their response to the cancellation survey, customers might be offered a discount or the option to swap products, skip an interval, or delay shipping.

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Cancellation Prevention had an immediate impact on Wildgrain’s churn: it saved an impressive 22.5% of all customers that went through the cancellation flow. It played a key role in a holistic retention strategy that reduced Wildgrain’s churn by 18% year over year. And, with the ability to A/B test, Wildgrain can continue iterating on survey options and offers to continually refine its retention strategy.