Launch steps

You joined thousands of fellow merchants who use Recharge to maximize the value of every customer. Whether it's your first time launching a subscription product, you're migrating an existing program, or you're incorporating a loyalty strategy into your subscription program, Recharge will walk you through every step. Once you launch your subscription, be sure to explore Recharge's full suite of tools to continue maximizing retention and increasing revenue.

Your launch path

If you’re implementing Recharge for the first time, an in-app onboarding wizard will walk you through the basics of setting up your first subscription product. You might explore additional resources depending on the complexity of your launch.

Self-service launch

Full-length training courses, videos, and setup guides are available to help you adjust every aspect of your new offering. See the section below for recommended resources, organized by launch goal.

Assisted launch

If you are launching Recharge for the first time and using a Pro or Custom plan, an implementation engineer will be assigned to support organizing your launch at no additional cost. For assistance on any other launch, enlist the support of our agency partners.

Your launch goal

Discover resources specific to the Recharge tool you hope to launch. 

Replenishment subscription

Offer a product on both a one-time and recurring basis, usually with a small incentive to subscribe. Join Who Gives a Crap, Hubble, Keap Candles, and more in boosting customer LTV by making it easy for customers to come back for more.

Access our self-guided Recharge onboarding courses to explore everything you can do with Recharge and review how to set up your first products. Take a complete visual walkthrough of all your options in Recharge, or learn how to quick-start in just 15 minutes.

Curated subscription

Bundles Pro & custom plans only

Gift subscriptions Pro & custom plans only

Premium rewards & benefits Pro & custom plans only

Migrating from another subscription solution?

Our team can assist you in transitioning your current subscribers, which will involve an additional data migration step. Depending on your existing configuration, this step may need to be done either before or after the above steps. If you haven’t already, start your migration plan to coordinate your implementation alongside your data migration.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement Recharge?

A simple implementation can take just 15 minutes using our out-of-the-box tools, but more customized implementations and migrations can take longer. We recommend starting simple, then customizing more over time. VideoGetting started with Recharge

What support does Recharge offer?

Your support offering may vary depending on your sales package. All merchants can access 24/7 tech support over email as well as live chat during business hours (6 AM – 6 PM PST). Some sales packages also include video callback support during business hours and/or an account manager. Account managers provide strategic guidance, training, and additional resources. Refer to your contract or plan for more information. ResourcesRecharge plansAbout Managed ServicesSupport guide

What is the minimum I need to do to launch Recharge?

The most simple Recharge launch is a replenishment product, which only requires creating a subscription product and publishing it to your store. Other product types and more advanced replenishment products will require additional steps to brand your offering.

Do I need any technical skills to implement Recharge?

Nope! Recharge’s out-of-the-box solution is based on the best practices of thousands of subscription merchants so that you can get launched quickly with no technical assistance required. Additional customizations are available for merchants working with an in-house developer or agency partner. ResourcesDeveloper HubAgency Partner directory

Does the setup process differ depending on the ecommerce platform of the store?

The instructions on this page are most accurate for storefronts using Shopify. The steps to launch a BigCommerce store vary slightly. The in-app setup wizard will always take you through every step you need to complete before launching. If you choose to exit the setup wizard, reference our help center to confirm your remaining steps to launch. ResourcesLaunch steps for BigCommerce stores

Will Recharge integrate with my tech stack?

Very likely yes! Recharge integrates with the most common tech solutions championed by subscription stores like yours. If you don’t see your partner in the directory, your developer can also build a custom connection using Recharge’s API.ResourcesIntegrations directoryDeveloper Hub

How can I customize the subscriber experience?

You can customize every part of the subscriber experience, from adding the subscription to their cart to subscription notifications to managing the subscription. ResourcesAdjust the appearance of the subscription widgetStylize your notifications and update their copyExplore replacing your notifications with Klaviyo emailsCustomize the appearance of the customer portal and choose available customer functions

My widget didn’t work! How do I fix it?

Widget issues can vary depending on your ecommerce platform. Note that certain custom themes and third-party page builders are not supported. Refer to our help center for more details. ResourcesTroubleshooting the widget

How do my customers modify their subscriptions?

Subscribers can update their subscriptions from the customer portal. By default, the customer portal is linked in subscription reminder notification emails and the customer’s Shopify or BigCommerce account. Update settings to make accessing the customer portal easier or limit available self-serve options from your Customer Portal settings within the Merchant Portal. ResourcesEditing subscriber notificationsAccessing the customer portalEnabling passwordless login to the portalChanging self-serve customer portal optionsIntegrating with Klaviyo

What instructions should I make available for subscribers?

Make it easy for customers to learn how to access the customer portal and manage their own subscriptions. Include FAQs in your notification emails and on your subscription landing page so that customers can easily find answers without reaching out to support. When launching subscriptions for the first time, consider one of our templates. ResourcesInstructions for your customersLaunch email templates

What training should I provide my customer support team?

Your support team will need to know how to access Recharge to answer customer questions and make updates on their behalf. ResourcesQuick reference on training your support teamTraining courses for your support team VideoManaging customers & answering questions

How do I customize my subscription product’s shipment frequency options?

When you create a subscription plan, you can choose a subscription frequency based on days, weeks, or months. After you publish your subscription widget, you can return to your product details to add more advanced subscription rules. ResourcesCreating subscription rulesCreating a cutoff window