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On the rise of celebrity brands, BNPL, and a rumored IPO

Kristen LaFrance

What's in this episode?

In this week’s Recap we cover everything from the recent news of Klaviyo’s potential IPO, to omnichannel marketing, to Walmart’s investment in pickleball. You won’t want to drop the ball on this one! Don’t forget! Our ChargeX conference is happening soon—learn more here.

Story 1
Report: Klaviyo to IPO later this year

Story 2
Apple pay could upend BNPL
Apple Pay Later

Story 3: Omnichannel + retail launches
Frozen food brands are putting DTC on ice to focus on retail expansion
The future of DTC brands
Gainful has launched a customizable protein product at Target stores.(source)
Sephora bets on sexual wellness with in-store rollout of Maude
Ritual expands its retail presence with Target launch

Story 4: Celebrity led brands
‘A true collaboration:’ Brands are weaving celebrity partners in product development and marketing strategies
Lizzo’s Yitty launches gender-affirming shapewear

Story 5: Walmart and pickled balls (pickleball)
Walmart comps pickleball court reservations as craze takes off

Story 6
Formula 1 backlash

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