What is checkout, and how does it relate to digital payments?

Checkout is the point in the shopping process where consumers finalize their purchases and pay a business for certain products or services. As the world market for ecommerce continues to grow, this term has become increasingly associated with digital payments, typically made via a dedicated, secure webpage. On this digital checkout page, customers enter their payment data and shipping information and choose their preferred shipping method. A final click allows customers to complete the process of checking out and submit their information to an online store.  

Best company practices for an optimized checkout flow

The key to an optimized checkout process that avoids digital shopping cart abandonment is to make the experience as seamless, easy, and intuitive as possible for your shoppers. Be transparent on your site about your total shipping costs, delivery timing, and the cost of various products or services. Don’t require customers to sign in, remember their login information, or make an account in order to complete checkout—allow them guest access to the checkout feature. Allow your customers to edit or change their order at any time, including on the checkout page itself, and let them read through their order details to check that their order is just right before they complete their purchase.