Shopify Unified Checkout

Integrating Recharge and Shopify Checkout

Last year, we partnered with Shopify to build a new version of our subscriptions app that directly uses Shopify Checkout. Shopify Checkout is natively integrated with Shopify Payments and allows for faster checkout, is optimized for mobile shopping, and natively integrates with more localized payment options. The result is a more unified admin experience, allowing you to offer a single Shopify checkout experience for your buyers’ one-time and subscription purchases. 

Any new Shopify stores interested in installing Recharge on or after November 2nd 2020 can install the integration through the Recharge App listing and existing merchants can migrate over. We’ve been partnering closely with Shopify to ensure the best user experience for our merchants. The majority of our merchants on the Shopify platform, almost 15 thousand of them, are using this unified checkout experience and our app has over 500, 5 star reviews to date.

A unified checkout experience

Having a unified checkout experience can make it easier for merchants to focus on their core business. The Recharge app can be set up and managed directly in the Shopify Admin, so there’s no longer a need to navigate two separate apps for back-office tasks like refund management. This makes it easier to track orders and to run marketing campaigns. There’s also no longer a need to duplicate discount codes or product catalogs. Additionally, Shopify’s feature releases will automatically be compatible with your app, so your buyers will always benefit from the latest Shopify has to offer. 

Migrating to the Shopify checkout

Our product and engineering teams worked hard to make migrating a painless experience. Most migrations have been completed in under 20 minutes. There are some things to consider before choosing to migrate to the Shopify unified checkout. To ensure your store is a good candidate for migration, make sure your business is compatible: 

  • Approved payment gateway – Shopify Payments,, Stripe (which is only available to some merchants) or PayPal Express.
  • Accelerated payment options and wallets – Klarna, mollie iDEAL and Sofort are currently unavailable for subscription merchants
  • In-person delivery zones – Pick up in store and local delivery are not available.
  • Multi-currency – Shopify’s multi-currency feature will not be available at launch.
  • Your most used integrations: Tax, post-purchase upsell apps, loyalty, dunning and more coming. 

We’re working hard to ensure the best experience with the most robust functionality to our Shopify Checkout. Included in that journey are both feature compatibility with the Recharge checkout you’re already using, and adding more integrations that help you grow lifetime value and prevent churn. In the meantime, we’d like to be transparent about what’s currently available. To make it easier, we have a feature compatibility article up to date as we continue to add functionality and integrations. 

Want to learn more? Recharge and Shopify Checkout FAQ

For merchants interested in migrating over, fill out this form and someone from Recharge will be in touch with you.