Two coffee cups with 40 on their surfaces cheersing, to celebrate 40 days at Recharge

So this is 40!

We are all familiar with the 30/60/90 day objectives when you’re at a new job. There are usually a few goals and priorities that are part of the onboarding process. Typically, a new employee feels more accumulated by the sixth month. 

However, like everything else that seemed to happen out of the ordinary since 2020 maybe this 40 day summary is too. So, here’s a recap of my first 40 days at Recharge as the Senior Director, Employee Experience & DEI!

To cut to the chase, my experience has been just as amazing as it was when I began my first interview.  After my first conversation about the role with my super manager, I remember logging off the Zoom meeting and thinking, “Even if I don’t get this opportunity, I really want to know these people”. There was an instant familiarity with everyone that I met during the interview process. 

After starting at Recharge in the fall, I’ve been able to meet my colleagues at our in-person People Team retreat in San Diego.

I mention the significance of meeting my colleagues in person because Recharge is a remote-first company. We’ve been remote since our start in 2014, with colleagues working in tandem across the globe, in numerous different time zones. We pride ourselves on having a strong remote work culture that enables our team members to have more control, gain autonomy, and achieve balance in their lives. 

At that in-person People Team retreat in San Diego, I truly felt like one of our core values, Day One, was encompassed. Day One represents the idea that we stay ambitious, open-minded, and ready to learn.

The retreat was more than a team builder, it felt more like a celebration of community and people coming together to form connections that will elevate the collaborations we will have for months to come.

I am not sure if it was my impromptu karaoke performance, or going on a walk with our CEO and Co-Founder Oisin, but there is something so special about the feeling you get at Recharge.

Yes this is 40!

My first 40 days at Recharge have given me a sense of belonging. Humility and Empathy are a part of our core values and they are evident in how Recharge makes you feel. If you’d like to read more about our values or are interested in joining Recharge to help us build the future of ecommerce please check our careers page.

Here’s to 40 days and many more to come.