Recharge API launch as shown by the Recharge API logo

Ever since Recharge was founded in 2014, it’s been our goal to build a physical subscription solution that is at its core API-first. As a mark of our commitment, we’ve ensured that the Recharge API is available to all our merchants from day one. It has also served as the foundation on which our product is built which has allowed us to expand the capabilities of our products such as RechargeSMS, enhanced analytics, ecommerce platform integrations, improved caching, customizable subscriber portal, and much more. 

More importantly, it has enabled us to build deeper relationships with our partners and merchants. There are over 10,000 developers across thousands of active stores using the Recharge API and more than 40 commerce applications that offer no-code integrations to thousands of merchants through our API and a limitless webhook infrastructure. Every month, these stores send over 300 Million requests to the Recharge API. 

We’re constantly amazed by these developers who have used our infrastructure to build new applications, custom designs, and unique workflows enabling truly differentiated stores. So today, we’re especially excited to share a few updates that will empower our developer community to do even more with Recharge. 

A new API version

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work strengthening the foundations of our API to deliver a more intuitive, powerful, and efficient development experience. This iteration implements new tools such as extended responses, versioning, flexible rate limiting, and enables innovations that push your interactions with Recharge to the next level. 

This new API version introduces new resources which enables seamless integration with other technology providers within a composable commerce stack to support the growth of businesses of all size and complexity. Providing this flexibility without sacrificing scale and reliance, our new API version brings powerful features to a world of ecommerce sellers.

Finally, to further streamline the dev experience, we’ve carefully integrated accepted global standards such as the OpenAPI framework and ISO formatting into this new version. 

“This new API version delivers a powerful new foundation for years to come. It allows our team to deliver innovative new features without sacrificing scale or customizability that merchants / developers have come to expect from Recharge.”

Jason Tranel, Senior Director of Product Management, Recharge

Introducing the developer hub

To support this new API version as well as future versions, we’ve aggregated all the key developer resources into a single ‘developer hub’. Available today on the Recharge website, the hub includes access to all our docs, updates, uptime, and more.  

The new developer hub provides access for developers to reference documentation for the Recharge API and more.
Screenshot from the new Recharge Developer Hub

Along with the developer hub, we’re also launching the redesigned reference docs for API and webhooks. Together with improved content, developers can now experience modernized UI, ungated access, faster search, versioning support, and the very popular, dark mode. 

We appreciate the trust our developers have placed in Recharge and we want to ensure that we’re always providing transparency, accountability, and access to key information back to that community. The developer hub represents the combined efforts of Recharge team members across several teams who share that goal. 

The future is composable commerce

At Recharge, we’re actively building towards a future where various components of the ecommerce tech stack are developed independently but built to easily integrate with each other. 

Today, merchants using Recharge can easily integrate it with over 40 technology partners for payment, referrals, loyalty, taxes, and more. These partnerships represent our belief that a successful brand not only requires access to the top ecommerce technologies, but needs them to work together seamlessly. 

Powered by the new version of the Recharge API and our webhook infrastructure, we’re looking forward to growing our relationship with such technology partners to offer flexible solutions. 

“Building a positive developer experience is only possible through a continuous improvement cycle of build, learn and repeat, in collaboration with the developer community. This update reflects that process and we’re excited to learn more and build more.”

Diane Albouy, Product Management, Recharge, ex-CTO @ SMOL

Thank you!

We couldn’t be more excited to share these updates with all of you, and it’s just the first step. Thank you to all developers for your valuable feedback and continued support. We look forward to continuing to find ways to empower you and the businesses you support. And now, with an API ready for composable commerce, we can’t wait for the new partnerships we will form in the ecommerce community.