Today, Shopify launched more than 100 new features on its platform, and one of them is subscriptions. Shopify has often provided basic functionality for solutions like email, reviews, and returns, with more complex needs served by providers in each specialty. 

Shopify remains a trusted partner of Recharge, and we applaud them for adding subscriptions—a rising tide will raise all boats. Shopify adding this solution will educate the ecosystem on the importance of subscriptions and recurring revenue. 

Since we launched subscriptions in 2014, we’ve taken a simple function and spun it into a powerful suite of tools for 20,000 leading merchants. Our robust, best-in-class platform maximizes LTV with solutions that are both turnkey and wildly flexible to meet the needs of every merchant. And we have a host of new solutions in the pipeline that we’re excited to share soon.

Bravo to our friends at Shopify—welcome to the subscriptions space! Let’s keep doing what we all do best: Helping companies reach their full potential.