ChargeX: Littledata, big results

Subscription commerce veterans from across the world converged in Santa Monica in October for two days of learning and networking at ChargeX Summit 2019 powered by Recharge.

Day 1 was focused on preeminent agencies building off the platform. Guest speakers from agencies of all sizes spoke on a variety of topics including scoping new projects and productizing solutions to common requests and alternative methods to build revenue.

Edward Upton, CEO, Littledata

Summary from this talk:
• How agencies can measure which marketing channels bring in the most profitable customers
• Current fragmentation for marketing attribution – customer purchase data and browsing data in seperate silos
• Overview of the many channels that all funnel into calculating a customers LTV from pre-checkout through subscription renewal
• The three levers that impact Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
• Predict which visitors will be high value and experiment with what content you push to them