ReCharge + SWELL

This post is part three of an ongoing series that will outline how subscription merchants can build the perfect ecommerce store with the help of Recharge-friendly integrations. In this post, we’ll be focusing on churn reduction and customer loyalty through the Swell Rewards integration.

Data shows that loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones — which is why loyalty programs are crucial for any growing, successful ecommerce company. What’s more: Churn reduction and loyalty go hand in hand.

But one area many subscription merchants struggle with is implementing a program that incentivizes and drives that sense of loyalty with customers. How do you do it? Where do you even begin?

Today, we’re going to dive into the Recharge and Swell Rewards integration that makes launching a loyalty and rewards program ultra-simple.

Meet Swell Rewards

With Swell Rewards, eCommerce merchants using Recharge can introduce a loyalty and rewards program that integrates seamlessly with their subscription-based products. Swell offers the power of four highly customizable tools wrapped into one: Rewards, referrals, affiliate marketing, and email acquisition (all of which are made to blend in with a merchant’s site and branding.)

With features like flexible incentives and referral credits, Swell is helping global brands like Kopari, Untuckit, and MVMT reap the benefits of customer incentivisation programs — and you can do the same.

To get you prime insights into how Swell Rewards can be leveraged for loyalty, we sat down with Stewart Wesley of Swell Rewards and Lanie DePasquale from Kopari. Here’s what we found.

Why Swell Rewards?

Stewart: Our value proposition is that we help Shopify merchants, typically with an annual GMV (Growth Merchandise Volume) of $2M or more, build on-brand loyalty programs that drive meaningful customer behavior and ROI. We’re not a glorified discount engine — we offer tools that are fully customizable. Our technical integrations with Recharge, review providers like Yotpo, and most email providers drive increased ROI on our program by ensuring that the merchant’s loyalty/referral/affiliate programs are part of a consistent customer experience.

Why does your app work so well with merchants who offer subscriptions?

Stewart: Our loyalty/referral/affiliate programs work so well with subscription models because we help keep customer acquisition cost low by acquiring new customers through low cost channels (affiliate/referral programs) and then help increase customer lifetime value by creating meaningful incentives for customers to continue to engage with and purchase from a brand.

Producing results: The Kopari case study

Lanie: At Kopari, we chose Swell for our loyalty program because we wanted to provide a subscription/auto-replenishment service for our customers (and because our development team recommended it). We use Recharge with Swell because we wanted to make sure we were able to reward our most loyal customers in the subscription program.

Our most loyal customers are the ones we expect to sign up for a recurring order from Kopari and wanted to include our points on purchase in this new system. We offer different products in the line so we know that customers might subscribe to one product, but then try out another and they can use their loyalty points on those orders. This tool is important to us, as subscription sales make up 12% of our overall direct-to-consumer business.

Swell and Recharge in action

Programs that incentivize loyalty help you cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with your existing customer base and turn everyday buyers into brand evangelists. So far, Swell has helped eCommerce merchants produce incredible results, such as:

  • 10.9B loyalty points earned
  • 9X average ROI
  • Thousands of program actions taken

“On average, our merchants typically earn 8–9X our fees and the discounts given through our program in new revenue on a monthly basis,” said Stewart.

With a loyalty and rewards program through Swell Rewards, you can say thank you to repeat customers in a big way and increase your brand’s bottom line at the same time.

Integrate Swell into your Recharge platform today and let your subscribers know you appreciate them.