Celebrating Women's History Month

Womxn and Allies at Recharge, one of the company’s Employee Resource Groups, hosted two events in honor of Women’s History Month—Barbie: Unpacking the America Ferrera Monologue (hosted on International Womxn’s Day!) and a Women Who Changed the World lecture with an invited speaker.

Our Barbie event was amazing! We had a turnout of over 50 attendees, including a lot of allies. During this event we talked through who had seen the clip already and who hadn’t, along with initial thoughts and feelings. After that, we watched the clip together—seeing the emotions as people watched was amazing.

After we viewed it, we broke into groups within Zoom to allow for deeper conversations and discussions. Each group chose a leader to summarize how the conversations went when we all came back together. Our thoughtful event moderator, Liv Jarvis, brought everyone together to discuss each group’s thoughts and feelings about the speech. We were able to discuss then what this means for womxn in the world, in business, and at Recharge.

Lastly, we asked the allies if they could share what resonated most and if they gleaned anything that they hadn’t previously considered or noticed. It was a one-of-a-kind event that was extremely thought-provoking. 

Throughout the month, we internally highlighted 12 womxn employed at Recharge and the cool things they are doing outside of work. These slides and information were shared with the broader team through our internal communications platform. 

Our last event on March 26 was a lecture about Women Who Changed the World in History. It was an amazing 45 minutes of learning about female-identifying people like Mary Church Terrell and Marsha P. Johnson throughout history that made a difference. 

Womxn at Recharge and Allies leads are: Kaitlyn Noone, Liv Manning-Giedraitis, Liv Jarvis, and Annie Gault.