Tech Partner Program Header

Today we are proud to formally announce the official launch of the Recharge Technology Partnerships Program. With the launch of this program, we now have an official place on our website to both showcase our existing partners and integrations, and a process to welcome new technology partners to integrate with Recharge.

What is the Technology Partnerships Program?

Recharge is a product driven company and our Technology Partnerships Program is no exception. This program is rooted in the commitment to building and partnering with the applications our merchants need to do their jobs. The integrations directory features integration tiles that describe what the integration is, why using it with Recharge will benefit your business, and provides links to clear documentation on how to get started and where to go if you need help. Many integrations can be installed in just a few short clicks so you can focus on growing your business.

So, what applications go best with your Recharge account? 

Over 70% of our merchants use one or more of our Recharge Select partners listed on our tech partner page. Each of our Select partners has a dedicated landing page where you can learn more about the benefits of using the integration with Recharge, view documentation on how to get started, and see a few examples of who’s using the integration in their recharge app.  

With the creation of this new program, we now have a dedicated team of technology partnerships managers and a tech partner product support team. They’re product obsessed and driven to ensure our tech partners have all the tools and support they need to build an integration into Recharge. 

“From day one, we’ve seen how critical it is to ensure that our merchants are able to integrate Recharge with other products in their tech stack. With this program, we’ve made it easy for any technology vendor in the ecosystem to build on our APIs and solve for new use cases,” said Ruoting Sun, Vice President of Technology Partnerships at Recharge.

Thank you, tech partners!

We’d like to thank all of our technology partners for joining us on our mission to empower our merchants to grow their business. Each of our tech partners provides merchants with an important tool that supports their businesses. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to build and document the integration, and the prioritization of a Recharge integration on your roadmap. Most importantly, we’re grateful for the relationships we’re building and the personal connections our team is making in the industry. It’s a pleasure to share this journey with you.

For applications interested in officially becoming a Recharge technology partner, please complete the “become a partner” form on our tech partner landing page, and someone from our team will help you get started.