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Popular use cases


Get out of the dark
Connect your Recharge account and gain deeper visibility and a richer understanding of subscribers at risk due to payment failures, what wins them back, opportunities to improve, and how you compare to other similar companies in your vertical.

Passive churn


of renewal payments fail, causing up to 50% of overall churn. Top performers recover over 90% of these customers.

Recover more card declines
With dunning flows deeply integrated with Recharge, automatically improve the timing of charge reattempts. Launch custom email win-back campaigns, SMS nudges, high-value subscriber alerts, easy skip and delay, and last-chance offers to recover the maximum possible number of subscribers.

Active churn


of subscribers can be saved after they hit the cancel button.

Save subscribers from canceling
Turn on dynamic cancel flows, easy skip/delay options, special offers, segmentation, A/B testing, and more. Track the impact and improve over time. Gather top cancellation reasons.

More benefits

Confidently fuel growth
Funnel rescued revenue back into growth channels with no guesswork about your LTV to customer acquisition cost ratio or the downstream impacts of various acquisition channels and offers.

Improve customer experience
Make the customer experience around dunning and cancel flows seamless with your brand while eliminating any customer confusion or friction.

Illustration of the Churn Buster interface, charts, and graphs

About Churn Buster

With over $5 billion in subscription revenue under management, Churn Buster has been optimizing a better approach to retention for over nine years, leading to the highest recovery rates and happiest customers in the market.

Let our team of senior payments experts, customer experience zealots, and veteran ecommerce operators take this problem off your hands so you can focus on what you do best.

With favorable fixed fees, no commission on recovered payments, an average ROI break-even around 0.5% improvement on retention rate…turning Churn Buster on is a true no-brainer.