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Popular use cases


Personalize messages throughout the customer lifecycle. Drive higher click-through rates with Attentive’s engaging content messages, incorporating video and audio, images and GIFs, custom short-links, and emojis.


Grow your SMS list 2x faster than other solutions with more than 24 sign-up units across all channels: desktop, mobile, email, Instagram, text-to-join, in-store, and more.


Power segmentation and personalization with our rich identity data points: phone number, email address, product browsing data, purchase behavior, device type, cellular carrier, location, and more.

Reply to buy

For customers also opted into marketing SMS messages, brands can leverage the Reply to Buy feature, which enables customers to seamlessly add products to their existing subscription order and purchase them with one simple text.

Attentive use cases

About Attentive

Attentive is a best-in-class text message marketing provider, certified by BigCommerce and trusted by 3,000+ industry-leading brands. Turn SMS marketing into a top three revenue channel in three to six months, and drive 18.5% of your total online revenue through text. Use Attentive to rapidly grow subscriber lists, engage with customers, and drive revenue. With support from our dedicated client strategy team, Attentive will help you build your mobile strategy with expert advice and guidance every step of the way.