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Increase customer lifetime value by up to 30% with transactional SMS. Our transactional SMS tool allows your subscribers to manage their orders with a quick text—no login required.

What can your customers do with RechargeSMS?

Get reminders & easily modify orders

Get reminders & easily modify orders

What it means:

At initial checkout, your customers can click a one-time checkbox that allows you to text them about their orders. Three days before their payment charge is set to occur, you can send them customizable, automated reminder texts, along with options to modify their order.

Why it matters:

Clear, transparent messaging means no surprise charges—and letting your customers manage their own subscriptions empowers them to get exactly what they want on their own timetable. The results: reduced churn, stronger customer loyalty, and increased average order value and customer lifetime value.

Swap products

Swap products

What it means:

Whether they’re experiencing flavor fatigue or just want to try something new, your subscribers can swap products in their order—without having to log on to their customer portal.

Why it matters:

Increase lifetime value, beat subscription fatigue, and boost brand loyalty by empowering your customers to get the exact products they want.

Add a one-time purchase

Add a one-time purchase

What it means:

Whether your customers want to try something new or add something extra onto their recurring order, one-time purchases are only a text message away.

Why it matters:

Empowering your subscribers with flexible checkout options, like the ability to add on one-time purchases, is a powerful strategy for increasing average order value and engagement. You can also use these purchase options to promote specific products in your catalog.

Skip or delay shipments

Skip or delay shipments

What it means:

If your customers are traveling, overstocked, or just need a short break, you can provide options for them to skip or delay an order with a quick text.

Why it matters:

By making it easy for your subscribers to skip or reschedule their delivery, you can reduce churn, increase brand loyalty, and keep your customers with your business for longer.

Bring your brand voice & tone to life

Transactional SMS is a powerful conversation between your brand and your subscribers. Make the most of it and create a cohesive customer experience by crafting custom messages according to your unique brand voice and tone. You can send the same branded message to your entire subscriber base, or personalize your text messaging for different customer cohorts.

Enable RechargeSMS

Additional benefits of RechargeSMS

In-depth insights through detailed analytics

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard allows you to track customer behavior and SMS engagement over time. You can also monitor how many customer service requests were handled via text automation.

Text simulator & proposed text features

Get your messaging just right before you hit send with the RechargeSMS text simulator, which allows you to preview your message flow and triggers. You can also kickstart your messaging with our proposed texts—or craft your own copy to imbue each message with your unique brand voice.

Intelligent customer win-backs

Leverage the high engagement rates of transactional SMS to strategically win back lost customers with customized messaging, reducing both voluntary and involuntary churn for your business.

Save up to $130,000 per year on customer support through automation

Save time for your CX team

Automated subscription management means time saved for your CX team. Since customers don’t need to log on to their customer portal with RechargeSMS, you can avoid common tickets like lost passwords—and because of this, many businesses save between $60,000–$130,000 on support costs alone.

Integrate with top CX solutions

RechargeSMS offers automated support for common customer issues, such as updating order quantity, billing and shipping details, and charge dates, plus subscription reactivations and password resets. Need additional support? RechargeSMS powers two-way integrations with top CX solutions.

Integrate with these solutions

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“We’ve saved countless hours automating most of our customer requests by using RechargeSMS. We have automation at our fingertips.”

Sara CullenFounder & CEO, GEM

Frequently asked questions

Have questions before you get started? We’re here to help.

What is the pricing for RechargeSMS?

RechargeSMS is free to use for all Recharge merchants, regardless of which plan you’re on. This includes no fees for messages sent via RechargeSMS. If you’re not currently set up with Recharge and want to learn more about the pricing for different plans, visit our pricing page.

How do I install RechargeSMS for my store?

The RechargeSMS integration can be enabled directly through your Recharge dashboard. Check out our support documentation for step-by-step instructions on how to get set up with RechargeSMS.

How do customer helpdesk integrations work with RechargeSMS?

If a customer tries to make a change to their subscription that RechargeSMS cannot automate, RechargeSMS will text the customer and automatically create a customer support ticket in the helpdesk. From there, your brand can review the message and send a response.

What is the difference between transactional SMS and promotional SMS?

Transactional SMS contains essential information related to your account or order, such as order updates, upcoming order notifications, and shipping/billing changes, while promotional SMS contains offers or coupons meant to support marketing efforts, like discounts, event promotions, and sweepstakes. Recharge is a transactional SMS tool, not promotional.

If I already use a promotional SMS vendor, can I still use RechargeSMS for transactional sends?

Yes. You can absolutely use transactional SMS (such as RechargeSMS) and promotional SMS in conjunction with one another. RechargeSMS was built to help subscribers better manage their existing orders, rather than offer promotional opportunities.

Can I customize the messages sent to my customers?

Yes. With RechargeSMS, you can customize your communications to be in your brand voice. To get you started quickly, we’ve included some popular templatized messages for the most heavily used application features in RechargeSMS (modify order, delay order, etc.). However, these are simply suggestions that are completely customizable.

Can I choose which prompts and messages are sent to my customers?

Yes. For example, if you do not wish to allow your customers to swap products or skip shipments, you can disable those options from sending.

Can international merchants use RechargeSMS?

Unfortunately no, only the US and Canada for now—however, we are working on expanding its availability!