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Hit Subscribe podcast episode cover featuring Kerry Crawford, Director of Research & Strategy, Simple Focus

Subscription anxiety and proactive cancellation strategies

Kerry Crawford, Director of Research & Strategy, Simple Focus

What's in this episode?

On this episode of Hit Subscribe, we talk to Kerry Crawford, Director of Research and Strategy at Simple Focus.

By day, Kerry focuses on client work, and by night, she's a researcher for UX best practices and subscription cancellations.

Her research into cancellation language before the checkout is some of the most unique that has been published. She explains how empowering potential subscribers to understand how to use the subscriber portal could pay dividends in retention and customer satisfaction, leading to higher lifetime value.

We also talk about a few brands that do this well, and one that doesn't. There are plenty of lessons for brands of all sizes to learn about how to communicate their value proposition in a way that doesn't come off as a hard sale while also staying true to the goal of retention and revenue.

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