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Hit Subscribe podcast episode cover featuring Nikki Tooman, Cofounder & CEO, Sticky Digital

Loyalty, Surprise and Delight, and Segmentation

Nikki Tooman, Cofounder & CEO, Sticky Digital

What's in this episode?

On this episode of Hit Subscribe, we talk to Nikki Tooman, Cofounder & CEO, Sticky Digital.

Nikki lives in a world where retention marketing is her only focus. Her days are spent finding creative solutions to retention problems felt by merchants all over the world. Because of that, it is worth considering her take on what loyalty solutions look like 5 years ago vs what they might look like 5 years from now.

Pushing loyalty one step further is surprise and delight. This is not a new concept to the ecommerce industry, but Nikki urges all merchants to truly understand where customers are churning in order to get the most out of your retention program.

Finally, we discuss the difference between over and under segmenting with your data. Whether you’re segmenting for new sales via marketing emails or finding your highest valued customers, segmentation is a necessity for any brand looking to leverage their data in the most customer-friendy way possible.

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