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Bumpin Blends - Superfood smoothie cubes designed for your body

How Bumpin Blends was built on ambition and authenticity

Lisa Mastela, Founder & CEO @ Bumpin Blends

What's in this episode?

On this episode we’re chatting with Lisa Mastela, Founder and CEO of Bumpin Blends.
Bumpin Blends create custom super food smoothie cubes designed by registered dieticians to be tailored to specific needs and symptoms.

We chat with Lisa about the early days of Bumpin Blends—hand delivering smoothies she made in her garage at 4 in the morning—to now running a thriving subscription business.

Lisa also shares with us the success of creating behind the scenes content for growing the brand’s social media (and sales) as well as how they approach influencer and celebrity marketing with a core focus on authenticity.

Let’s get started!

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Episode transcript

Scott Meiklejohn: Welcome to Hit Subscribe. I'm your host Scotty from Recharge. On this episode, we're chatting with Lisa Mastela, founder and CEO of Bumpin Blends. Bumpin Blends create custom, super food smoothie cubes that are designed by registered Dieticians, tailored to specific needs and symptoms. We chat with Lisa about the early days of Bumpin Blends, when she was a new mom creating smoothies in her garage. Hand delivering them to customers at four in the morning on Saturdays, to now running this thriving subscription business. Lisa also shares with us the success of Behind the Scenes content for growing the brands social media, as well as their sales. How they approach Celebrity and Influencer marketing, which has core focus on authenticity. There's a lot to get to, let's get started. Lisa, thank you so much for joining us.

Lisa Mastela: Thank you so much for having me! I'm looking forward to chatting!

Scott Meiklejohn: I'm so excited to talk about Bumpin Blends, but could you first, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and then a little bit about Bumpin Blends?

Lisa Mastela: Yes, I am Lisa Mastela. I'm a registered Dietician. I have a Masters in Nutrition and Public Health. I live in Los Angeles with my two little kids and my husband, Patrick. My kids are almost four and almost two. So they're at that really fun age. I started Bumpin Blends. I had been working at a startup and really not loving it at all. I had gotten the idea for Bumpin Blends while I was pregnant. So as soon as I was on Maternity leave from that company, I just literally strapped my newborn to myself in a baby viewer carrier. Headed into my garage and just started blending smoothie concoctions. Doing a ton of research, and asking all the neighborhood moms to taste all my concoctions every day. Six months later, Bumpin Blends was born. We launched in LA only. I was driving around orders at four AM every Saturday morning. Then, yeah and then we started shipping nationwide and it's just been a whirlwind since. I am Lisa, a Dietician, a mom, LA, and the founder of Bumpin Blends.

Scott Meiklejohn: What do you remember most about those early days when you decided to make the leap? Well, we spoke previously and I remember you saying you kind of realized like, "Okay, I think I'm going to go and do this direction." What do you remember about making that choice? How did that feel?

Lisa Mastela: I just feel like... I remember feeling just like it so committed to it, immediately. It was something I almost had... Because my family is all entrepreneurs, my parents are both entrepreneurs, my brother. My uncle, everybody is entrepreneurs in my family. My husband and I have a very entrepreneurial spirit. We lay in bed at night next to each other, bouncing around ideas for companies. That's just kind of what we do for fun. And I had gotten the idea for Bumpin Blends partially from a text from my husband, because I was making smoothies throughout my whole pregnancy. Kind of using my Dietician knowledge to hack my smoothies for my specific symptoms. I'd make a smoothie for mood swings. Smoothies for swollen ankles, et cetera. My husband was like, "You could straight up sell these. Like they are so good and they really, really work. I hope you're writing down these recipes because this is... You got something good here."

Lisa Mastela: And then the idea was born and it was kind of one of those things where I think to everyone else, it was just like another one of our ideas. We literally have a Notes page in our IPhones of all the ideas we have. I had just had a baby too. We kind of were bouncing around the name bump and blends when I was nine months pregnant. Like literally just twiddling my thumbs waiting for this baby to come out. We bought the domain for fun. Just cause we're like, "Ugh, it's a catchy name. We like that." Bump in I was pregnant, a bump.

Scott Meiklejohn: I love it yeah. That's so cute.

Lisa Mastela: So we brought the domain and stuff, but it was like, I don't know. We went on a little Baby-Moon right after we had the baby, which is a little out of order. But I was like, "Great, honey! This is the perfect time to write this business plan. We'll have my mom watching the new baby for a few days." I can just like, I'm going to bring my laptop. We were going to a spa. My husband was like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, honey. Okay, sounds fun."

Lisa Mastela: While we were there at the spa, I was literally just in my laptop writing up this business plan the whole time. He and I were going to partner on it and I was just like, "I just, I don't think you're committed enough, I don't know. I think I need to do this on my own!" I just feel from the get-go in those early days, even when it was just like a random concept we were playing with, I was just in it. I was excited about it. I was on my laptop in the spa, in a robe.

Scott Meiklejohn: That's so funny.

Lisa Mastela: In that quiet room that everyone's hanging out in. Just like click, click, click. It was just very serious to me earlier on. It just felt very natural to be that way.

Scott Meiklejohn: So in that business plan or at least when you first started, how many recipes were you talking here? What was the base for you guys to start with?

Lisa Mastela: Like 50?

Scott Meiklejohn: Oh my God.

Lisa Mastela: It was so many!

Scott Meiklejohn: Very ambitious.

Lisa Mastela: I had made these smoothies throughout my whole pregnancy. So I kind of had all these recipes in mind. Then I was tweaking recipes to have a variation of flavors. Then I was like, "Well, I want to make sure we can support everyone. Even if they're vegan or Gluten-free or don't like mango or this or that." I want to have, in my mind I was like, "I want to have at least five flavors for each potential symptoms someone would want support for." I have 10 to 20 symptoms, and so ultimately I had to parse it down. I had never started a Food company before.

Lisa Mastela: So I didn't really realize that more skews you have, the more challenging it is in every way. I should have just started with like three flavors. But no, we launched with 30 flavors. But once I had all these recipes, I invited 50 people. A variation of my friends, people in the neighborhood, anyone I could get who likes smoothies, who drink smoothies. I invited all of our competitors' customers and followers I could find. So that I could get people who knew smoothies and knew smoothie delivery.

Lisa Mastela: I had them fill out all these forms of questions. Then I had them taste every flavor. I had pictures of all 50 flavors laid out with little anonymous scorecards and ratings. So once a flavor had unanimously four or five stars, and was rated unanimously to taste better than any other competitor, like comparable competitor. Then it got added to the menu. So 30 of the 50 ultimately got added.

Scott Meiklejohn: Wow. I'd love to talk a little bit too. You were mentioning it, but I'd love to focus in on it. This isn't just like, "This is a delicious tasting smoothie", which is it, but like full stop. There're the symptoms behind it too. There's like treating it and in a natural, like holistic way. Obviously you've got the Nutritionist background, the Masters in it, but could you talk a little bit more about that? Why was it so important to you that that was a driving part of this business?

Lisa Mastela: That's a really good question because yeah, like being functional is really important. And I think a lot of people, whether you're our generation or whatever generation, people want functionality in their life. We have so many new things now that's like, "Oh, this powder will cure that", and, "This adaptation will do that. And this will do that." And it's like, people are just downing all these supplements and powders and all these different things every day, to try and optimize their lives. Optimize their health and try to improve their energy, improve their skin, improve their athletic abilities. All those things.

Scott Meiklejohn: Bio-hack is what I've heard a lot. Bio-hack.

Lisa Mastela: Bio-hack, yes! Bio-hacking my life.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah, okay.

Lisa Mastela: The startup I had been working at was one-on-one Wellness Coaching, using DNA and the microbiome in blood. So I was working with a lot of people who cared enough to pay, to run their DNA and their blood to bio-hack their lives. So I knew that was important, and that was important to me too. I was pregnant, I was working a lot. I was about to be a busy, working mom. I don't have time to just make a smoothie just for fun. I want that smoothie to do something for me. I think as we get older, as we get into our thirties or even the late twenties, you start to just feel life on you.

Scott Meiklejohn: Oh yeah.

Lisa Mastela: It's frustrating. I think a lot of people get overwhelmed and bogged down at the idea of like, "Oh, well this powder might help my joints and this powder's going to help reduce my wrinkles. And this supplement is going to help me have energy and this one's good for focus." So all of a sudden you're paying hundreds of dollars a month for all these different random things. You're not even really sure if they're supposed to work together or if they're even safe to work together.

Lisa Mastela: So I knew with a Dietician background, I had that knowledge, I had that understanding. I knew how to make certain nutrients work together in a really natural way, to open up people's eyes to the fact that food can do all those things. You don't need powder. You don't need supplements. You don't need anything crazy or anything not safe. You can do it with food. You can do it. You can bio-hack your body with food. People say all the time, when they use our Cherry Dreams blend, as an example, we get Customer Service messages all the time of like... Am I allowed to curse?

Scott Meiklejohn: Hell yeah, curse away!

Lisa Mastela: They're like "Bullshit! There has to be something in here!" They're like, "I've taken Ambien every night for years because I've always had a sleeping problem. My daughter got me these smoothies and told me to drink one before bed and I've slept better than I ever have! Bullshit there's not something in here!"

Scott Meiklejohn: Wow.

Lisa Mastela: "It's not just these things." I'm like, "No, it's literally dark cherries have natural Melatonin in them. Basil has natural Melatonin in them. The banana has Magnesium. And when you combine Magnesium with Melatonin, they're both relaxing your muscles and completely calming your brain. It's the exact cocktail...

Scott Meiklejohn: That you need.

Lisa Mastela: ...to fall asleep.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah. Yeah.

Lisa Mastela: It's like people don't realize that cherries and bananas and basil, when you put those three things together, they really make you sleep well and fall asleep fast. Cherry and basil and banana tastes really good together. So it's very intentional. I spent a long time testing these things and it really works. It's really cool to drink something that works.

Scott Meiklejohn: I love hearing that. I know for me personally, I used to have a protein pattern and I'd have that. This thing would just knock me out because the caloric intake or the protein, I would just go into a coma afterwards. I'd just be exhausted. So I can definitely...

Lisa Mastela: Especially those whey proteins.

Scott Meiklejohn: Oh yeah.

Lisa Mastela: Just like, wow. So hard on your digestive tract and you get so bloated and tired. Yeah.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah. It was not worth it. Yeah. Did not make me feel good. So what about subscriptions? When you envisioned this and you got your business plan going and you start making these. Was subscriptions always a part of the plan? Or did that come a little later?

Lisa Mastela: Subscriptions were always part of the plan, because with any kind of bio-hacking or with anything in your life where you're trying to optimize your life, subscription has to be part of the package. And I don't work for recharge saying this. It's literally just... I saw this first hand as a Dietician and any person walking around has seen this first hand. How many times have you wanted to do something to improve your health, and you do it for a little bit and then it falls off? It's so hard. It's so hard to stick to something that's good for you. To create that habit. That if it wasn't a subscription, there's no way we could change people's lives, because you need the subscription piece in order to stick to the habit. It's almost like we're holding your hand into this habit.

Lisa Mastela: We have our 24/7 Nutritionist Text Hotline. Part of your subscription is that you get access to your own Dietician via text, which is huge. The reason we did that was that we understand a piece of this is willpower. A piece of this is changing your habits. If you're someone who is like, "I want to be that person who drinks the healthiest smoothie every morning. But I reach for pop tarts or whatever." You need someone to kind of push you into that subscription to keep you in the habit. Otherwise, those smoothies will sit in your freezer until their freezer burned and gross. It'll be the same as that time you wanted to drink smoothies, so you bought a big bag of spinach and it wilted and your refrigerator drawer because you forgot about it. I'm not here to be that wilted bag of spinach.

Lisa Mastela: I've seen that wilted bag of spinach. That's not it. We are here to push you into that habit to create something good in your life. It's going to optimize your health. It's going to be functional for you. It's going to make your life easier and being or making your life easier, subscription is just that. You don't have to remember to re-up your smoothies. You don't have to remember to place that order, you're set up. We're able to treat subscribers as well. We're not cheap.

Lisa Mastela: We're not the cheapest smoothies out there, because we use high quality organic ingredients and we use real food, not powder. So that drives up the price of our product compared to competitors. But with a subscription, we're able to kind of create a loyalty program. Once you're a subscriber, the kind of deals you get and the kind of pricing you get, as you grow as a subscriber, is good.

Lisa Mastela: We're able to do that with our subscribers because we know that we're a part of their life. I don't know if it was this conversation or when it was recording the podcast or just you and I chatting, but that person who, when we were sold out and it impacted her life. She didn't even know what to do with herself in the morning. Because it had become a no-brainer part of her routine. Yeah, you can only do that with a subscription, so.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah, just for context.

Lisa Mastela: That was always part of it.

Scott Meiklejohn: I think this is before the call, but you were mentioning. I was saying that I have a teammate here who got a Bumpin Blend smoothie and it's a part of her morning, every morning and she loves it. I wanted to pass it on to you, Lisa. But then you were saying, you got this email from a customer. Why don't you explain a little bit about that.

Lisa Mastela: Yeah, she's a customer. She's been in customer for a long time. She's a subscriber. She gets her blends every month, usual. She was laughing that she was like, "I don't know what to do!" Because we were sold out, unfortunately. We're not sold out anymore. Like thank goodness, but we were sold out for a bit and she was just like, "I just bought pop tarts at the store because I didn't even know what to do with myself in the morning." Because I guess she used to maybe not have breakfast in the morning and then felt all sluggish. But the way that our smoothies have, the way she's grown accustomed to feeling. Having a healthy, balanced smoothie designed by a Dietician every morning, is just like she is lost without it. It's so cute and fun! I'm so glad she finally has her smoothies back.

Scott Meiklejohn: I love that she reached out too! It's so cute.

Lisa Mastela: We have a lot. Our customers are amazing. We have really great customers and we have great a Customer Service too, but it's just, yeah. I really like being able to sort of hold a customer's hand through the process of creating that habit and sticking with it.

Scott Meiklejohn: I love that too. Yeah, just like you said, just being transparent, recognizing like "Sure, maybe you could get a cheaper alternative, but this is why Bumpin Blends will give value to your life. And here's how we're providing value with you, with that 24/7 Hotline. Text Hotline." I love that.

Lisa Mastela: Yeah. Yeah.

Scott Meiklejohn: Something else I really like that you guys are doing is on your social media and your Instagram particular. You guys got 16,000 followers and I've loved... Anyone can take a look by the way it's @ Bumpin Blends B U M P I N no G Blends. Is your Behind the Scenes kind of look at like running this business and it's just so fun. I think your kids are on there too. Could you talk a little bit about that? When did you start doing that and how has that been for your growth or even engaging with your customers?

Lisa Mastela: Yeah, so yes, our Instagram is really fun. We have a lot of Behind the Scenes. I personally hated it at first, the Behind the Scenes stuff. Because number one, I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures and videos. Thank goodness my husband is really good at that. We have a whole history of Bumpin solely because of my husband, because he's really good at tracking important information. Documenting it and creating a whole storyline. He has a running DOC in his computer where he journals about the experience of Bumpin Blends. I don't, and I should, because it was... It's so cool. He has photos from every step of the way. There's a photo on our Instagram and we post all the time of me is standing at the trunk of our car holding my baby.

Lisa Mastela: She's six months old and it's a trunk full of orders. I was about to drive all over Southern California, delivering these orders myself. Because that's what I did every Saturday morning with this baby. Then I'd come home and spend the whole day with a baby. I would have to pump because I was breast feeding. Literally the experience was so raw, early startup entrepreneur. He has all these photos, it's amazing. But I hated it at first because I'm not super comfortable posting photos of myself. I don't know. I just I'm not that person who is posting photos and videos of myself. I just never remember. I just don't think I take great photos of my kids and stuff. My husband does.

Lisa Mastela: But every person I've consulted with on social media is like, "Funny. Every time you post a photo or video of yourself, or your family, or your Behind the Scenes stuff, engagement is through the roof. And every time you post some beautiful flat lay smoothie bowl, engagements in the trash. Obviously people want to see more of you and the Behind the Scene stuff." So I have to literally be pushed. I think we just did reel of me getting ready in the warehouse bathroom for a networking dinner. And because the experience was just so big. Yeah, and it's just very unique also, so there's that. The fact that it's solely based on engagement. People love it and people voted that they love it. When we post some kind a story or something Behind the Scenes, people are DMing us like, "More! More! More! Encore! Encore!" And then it's like crickets when we post some [crosstalk 00:18:38] or something.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah.

Lisa Mastela: But we also run the company in we. I run the company in a very unique way. We are extremely unique as a company. That's largely due to the fact that we have no money and I've never done this before. I wish I could say it's intentional, but often when you have a company like Bumpin Blends that is beautifully branded. Really professional-looking in my opinion, I don't know.

Scott Meiklejohn: It is no, it's beautiful.

Lisa Mastela: The website, experience, the portal. Everything. You've got Chrissy Teigen and Amanda Kloots talking about it. We've got the look, we've got the vibe of this highly funded startup, but I've never taken funding. So we are a boot-strapped, solopreneur journey situation. So typically when people... It's rare to have both at the same time.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah.

Lisa Mastela: So when you have a company that looks like Bumpin Blends or any of our competitors, it's being made in some factory somewhere that the founders never even been to. Some Co-packer, some 3PL, and they're shipping it out and they're just removed from the process.

Lisa Mastela: That's why our competitors have dehydrated vegetable blend as their ingredient, and funky purees. That's why they're not functional, because they don't have a hand in the process. Typically, the founder didn't also create the recipes. With us, everything I kind of built out our own factory to make the smoothies because I wanted to have a very intense eye over the process and make sure that we're only using highest quality ingredients. That they're made from scratch by hand in small batches. It is a process that is the most important to us. The quality of the smoothies. Yeah, I think it's really rare that...

Scott Meiklejohn: It is.

Lisa Mastela: The founder is in the factory so much and that it is small batch made and that we're really transparent about how it's made. I'm not trying to fool anyone into thinking we have some giant vat and a Co-packer that's making their smoothies. Which is funny because one of our competitors is also doing a bunch of Behind the Scenes and they are videoing the vat that it goes into to be blended. All the people in hazmat suits, working with it and just, it's so artificial this process. When you're watching the vat you're just seeing powder and puree poured in there and being blended up. I'm like, "Sometimes you shouldn't do Behind the Scenes." But it's like, yeah, I want our customers to see like, "That's real raw spinach going into your blender. That's real chickpeas. That's real oats." It's a process we're not hiding at all.

Scott Meiklejohn: It's very genuine. Just everything is like authentic and genuine. That those two buzz words get thrown around all the time. But I love it and you can tell just like you said, it resonates with an audience. People are used to seeing these faceless brands and just thinking just like you said, at these highly funded, huge corporation entities. But it's so refreshing to see you and your kids. I love the one of you doing your makeup in the bathroom. That's just so lovely.

Lisa Mastela: Thank you.

Scott Meiklejohn: You mentioned there. I think it's a really cool moment too. I'd love you to talk more about it is when you had these Celebrity endorsements and you correct me if I'm wrong, but some were just spontaneous, right? It was just like boom!

Lisa Mastela: Being part of being really transparent and really raw and not hiding anything, we do not pay Influencers. I have never in my life paid a Celebrity or Influencer to talk about our product. I would like to, I don't know. I don't think, no, I wouldn't like to. I think I would happily pay them for their time and energy to talk about our product.

Scott Meiklejohn: Sure.

Lisa Mastela: But what's really important to me, more than anything else when it comes to Celebrities and Influencers is upholding that authenticity of the brand. I've worked with Influencers before that I actually stopped working with, because, non-paid Influencers. I kind of traded free photography for her. If she would just taste our blends and share an honest review. She actually loved our blends. But while they're doing the photography, I saw her kind of doing other photography for other brands she was getting paid to do.

Lisa Mastela: She would take a picture eating this bar and then spitting it out. Because she was like, "Oh, this is disgusting! That's awful!" Then it's like, you see it on her feed later and she's like, "I eat this bar every day!" I'm like, that's the last thing I want. I don't want to touch that with the 10 foot pole. We actually, I immediately pulled out from sending her any smoothies. So my rule with Celebrities and Influencers is like, I will happily send them a gift bundle of smoothies to try. I never say post it. I never say anything like that. I just say, "You know what? You're an inspiration to me. I'd love your feedback. If you have any for me to improve these smoothies or anything you like, or don't like. I'd love any feedback you have, if you have time." And that's it.

Lisa Mastela: Luckily our smoothies really speak for themselves. They're so good that Miranda Kerr, Chrissy Teigen, Amanda Kloots. These people, we have a long list of Celebrity and Influencer endorsements, where it's like, they just drink the smoothies themselves. A lot of them are actually customers. Paying customers. So it's funny because yeah, it's that authenticity piece that's really unique where a lot of these big brands will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to these people to talk about their product. I don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars. We're a self-funded company. So anything we make goes into making the product better. But if I did have hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would love to pay them for their time, because they've been instrumental in our growth.

Scott Meiklejohn: Speaking of growth, I made a joke about when we were chatting previously about this, I was just saying, "Oh, I can imagine like seeing the spike in sales." Like I just, [crosstalk 00:24:46] that goes up. But you made a really profound point and you said, "But the great thing is, they're all subscribers." This isn't a one time purchase where okay, they're churned away after trying it. You get to hook them with subscription. I'm sure some of them churn, but man, you just get to keep that revenue and it just grows and grows and grows.

Lisa Mastela: Exactly. That's been huge for us as a small business that's self-funded. And all of that, it's scary. I couldn't imagine being a business that's trying to make our revenue goals every month, starting scratch. Starting scratch? Starting from scratch with new customers. That seems like a lot of work.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah.

Lisa Mastela: If you're doing a hundred grand a month in Sales, to get a hundred grand from new people seem really hard to do. But if you are a subscription product and last month you did 80 grand, you're likely going to do around 80 grand this month too. So your job is just to get that extra 20 grand to get to a hundred grand this month. So it's like the growth almost is there with subscribers.

Scott Meiklejohn: I love it. As we're rounding down the conversation, we're literally at the very end of March. Today's the last day? I always forget. How many days are in March? I think it's the last day.

Lisa Mastela: Oh, tomorrow's the last day.

Scott Meiklejohn: So this is the end of Q1 as we're moving forward until the rest of the year. What do you guys have next? What you have anything exciting planned? What are your goals for this year? Ooh. Yeah, what do you got?

Lisa Mastela: I'm at kind of a crossroads with Bumpin Blends. We love our direct-to-consumer and all of that. And that's been really, really well for us. We have a lot of strong interest from big retailers. And so I'm in discussions with these buyers from big retailers to see if we can kind of create a product for retail shelves as well. That would be much more kind of approachable for someone just wanting to try us out. Wanting to see what do a couple best sellers taste like, and then go from there. So I'm seeing if that is the next route for us. I have to decide, if retail is something I want to go into.

Scott Meiklejohn: Dabble. Dabbling.

Lisa Mastela: Dabbling because direct-to-consumer are pretty great. So I don't know if I'm not interested to get into retail, but I got to decide.

Scott Meiklejohn: That's very exciting though. That's very cool to have those opportunities in front of you. Well, we always...

Lisa Mastela: Its good problems to have!

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. We always ask this question at the end of every podcast. Is there anything else aside from Bumpin Blends that you subscribe to in your own life?

Lisa Mastela: I subscribe to a lot of things. A lot of really random things, but I actually really like the subscription because it's so convenient. I subscribe to deodorant. I know that's really kind of silly, but there's this small deodorant company called Little Seed Farm. That's this natural deodorant. I don't know if you've heard of it. I've never seen it in a store or anything. But it's handmade in I think Tennessee, this farm makes it. I think it's the best all natural deodorant ever. I signed up for subscriptions that they delivered whatever they recommended. When people typically run out of deodorant and it's perfect. I'll literally be like, "Ah, shoot, I'm going to run out of deodorant tomorrow!" The box is on my doorstep. Perfect.

Scott Meiklejohn: Boom. Yes.

Lisa Mastela: So convenient. Yeah, no deodorant. We've got our Grow box. We got our Thrive box. We got, oh gosh, it's athletic. It's so convenient. Especially with kids.

Scott Meiklejohn: Anything for the kids? I was going to say, yeah.

Lisa Mastela: Diapers, wipe everything, laundry detergent. It's literally everything is it makes our life so easy. Because they never have to think about when we need something next. We never run out of anything and it keeps our finances really consistent. It's like, "Okay, I know I spend exactly this on our subscriptions", and it just automatically. Very smooth running machine over here in the Mastela house.

Scott Meiklejohn: When you can set it and forget it like that?

Lisa Mastela: Yes!

Scott Meiklejohn: When you can set it and forget it, it's the best. I do the same with coffee too. There's always that... You get to the end of your coffee beans and you're like, "Oh no." Then you get that notification email and you're like, "Woo! Crisis averted."

Lisa Mastela: Crisis averted, yeah! Subscribed to matcha, coffee, all the things. It's funny because I get the question a lot in podcasts like, "How do you juggle it all? How do you be a mom and a CEO?" I'm like, "Kind of subscriptions a little bit. Like I don't have to do any of that." I went to the grocery store with my son yesterday and it was literally the first time I've been in a grocery store in a really long time. Just because it's all subscription delivery. Yeah this is a very novel experience. I'm like, "Yeah, I can see why this is hard. I'm at the grocery store with an one and a half year old." Like terrible.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah. That is not a 20 minute quick little journey.

Lisa Mastela: No! I had to buy so many snacks just to calm him down. So yeah, the subscription just makes a lot of momming really easy.

Scott Meiklejohn: I love to hear that. Yeah. Well we've loved chatting with you. You've been so gracious with your time. Yeah, check out Bumpin Blends.

Lisa Mastela: Oh thank you so much for having me.

Scott Meiklejohn: Yeah. The smoothies are delicious. Big fans over here at Recharge. So Lisa, thank you so much for joining us.

Lisa Mastela: Thank you so much for having me. It was great chatting with you.

Scott Meiklejohn: We want to thank Lisa once again for joining us. If you're interested in Bumpin Blends, check out Bumpin B U M P I N. blends.com. And if you're looking for more of our episodes, check us out at getrecharge.com slash Hit Subscribe.

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