What is mobile commerce (m-commerce)?

Mobile commerce (also referred to as m-commerce or mcommerce) involves the buying and selling of goods and services via wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. This can include financial services such as mobile banking and mobile payments, retail sales, and more. It can take place via a web browser on a mobile device or via a mobile app (also known as app commerce). Mobile commerce sales continue to grow steadily as content delivery over mobile devices becomes increasingly fast and secure. 

What are the benefits of m-commerce for customers and businesses?

This type of ecommerce offers enormous flexibility and convenience to the customer shopping experience, enabling shoppers to make online purchases without logging on to a desktop computer. For example, mobile device users can make purchases while scrolling through social media platforms, book appointments online, or utilize mobile wallets like ApplePay from a smartphone to easily make payments from a connected bank account on the go. Offering mobile commerce services also creates advantages for brands, improving customer retention and conversions by meeting customers where they are.