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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf grew conversion rate by 2X, subscribers by 3X, and AOV by $5

Founded in 1963, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf has historically been a brick and mortar operation. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf had locations all over the world to best accommodate people’s caffeine hit however as more people moved online to grab their favorite products, the brand realized they needed a better way to reach an ever growing digital audience.

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf had been selling online on eBay and Walmart, but needed to bolster their own website so customers could conveniently get their products in one location. Working with EYEMAGINE, they were able to implement an omnichannel approach to selling tea and coffee - customers could visit a nearby store or browse the online shop. No matter where they preferred to shop, people could always get their Coffee Bean Tea Leaf fix.

“After migrating to Shopify Plus, online sales have exceeded expectations, costs significantly lowered, and ROI is clearly in our sights. And a bonus: we got a healthy bump in conversion rates and other KPIs.”

Jim Wendt

Jim Wendt

Senior Ecommerce Manager, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


Before Coffee Bean Tea Leaf could focus on optimization and revenue growth using their new omnichannel approach, they needed to migrate ecommerce platforms.

While previously on Magento, maintenance and upkeep on their storefront was expensive. Moving to Shopify allowed them to pursue this new endeavor while also saving them $1M over 3 years.

The major challenge was not only adding a subscriptions component to their online store, but ensuring the gift card functionality was robust and flexible. Coffee and tea are popular gifted products, so the solution needed to be top notch. Additionally, the gift cards needed to be capable of being used online and in store.

Fortunately, their solution to these conditions was quick and painless. Recharge was the best option to fit their needs after evaluating competing platforms and subscription solutions. Recharge was determined to be the platform that would empower Coffee Bean Tea Leaf to scale and reach their maximum potential for active subscriptions when considering cost and our dynamic UI/UX capabilities.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf grew conversion rate by 2X, subscribers by 3X, and AOV by $5


EYEMAGINE quickly relaunched Coffee Bean Tea Leaf’s store on Shopify with an upgraded UI/UX to enable subscription orders to be completed quickly and without worry.

Recharge seamlessly integrated into the Shopify checkout with easy installation and customization, so the lift was minimal on the backend. In tandem with these two platforms, EYEMAGINE launched a subscriptions landing page that outlined the benefits of subscribing including a 10% discount on every order, free shipping over $29, and the ability to customize the delivery schedule.

To integrate the gift card systems, EYEMAGINE helped build a middleware that would allow the use of gift cards not only online but in a brick and mortar store as well. This allowed customers to purchase and retain gift cards online, but physically gift the products to be redeemed in store.

Discover how to launch Shopify subscriptions Discover how to launch Shopify subscriptions


Since launch, online sales tripled, immediately bringing validation to the investment of migrating. One of the best indicators of successful subscription programs is looking at the growth of average order value.

Through empowering their customers to control their subscription functionality (with skips, swaps, and delivery date changes) Coffee Bean Tea Leaf increased their AOV by $5. Additionally, the UI/UX improvements have paid dividends resulting in their conversion rate doubling.

“Recharge has enabled a strong improvement in online subscription rates for Coffee Bean Tea Leaf by delivering a frictionless customer experience. Customers move through the Recharge process with strong conversion rates, resulting in more revenue and lower cost of customer acquisition.”

Andy Etemadi

Andy Etemadi