In 2016, Danny Taing launched Bokksu to share authentic Japanese snacks with the world. Taing developed his passion for food while living in Japan, but found there was limited availability of Japanese snacks in the US when he returned. “Japanese artisans are exceptional at specializing and perfecting their craft, whether it be kimonos, sushi, or snacks,” shared Taing. So, he created Bokksu: a premium subscription service that delivers a cultural and gourmet journey through Japan.

Bokksu’s subscription snacks led to 10X YoY growth since launch

Curated around different cultural themes, each box includes a tea pairing to complement the month's selection of snacks. To give customers the full tasting experience, they also get a guide describing the story and flavors of each item.

“For me as a solo founder, Recharge has been an incredible resource—so easy to use, and hands-down the best option out there. We’ve grown together over the past few years, and today, they are truly a partner in the success we’re seeing at Bokksu.”

Bokksu Danny

Danny Taing

Founder & CEO


When it came to his product—Japanese snacks—Taing knew the possibilities were endless. “Japanese snacks are made using high-quality ingredients that result in rich flavors that can't be found anywhere else,” said Taing. “This astounding diversity of sweet, savory, and umami tastes always leaves people wanting more.” With such an expansive product group, Taing knew he could create curated boxes around tasting experiences. And, if he offered these on subscription, he could guarantee revenue for his growing business, and build ongoing relationships with customers.

As a bootstrapped solo founder, Taing wanted a subscription billing platform to streamline the process. He needed a platform that could integrate seamlessly with Shopify and wouldn’t require much custom development work to launch. Since Taing wanted to grow the business, he wanted to focus on marketing efforts as well.

Bokksu’s subscription snacks led to 10X YoY growth since launch


After researching different options for subscription billing, Taing landed on Recharge because of its out-of-the-box features and one-click installation. The service was easy to set up, and didn’t require extra professional service. With Recharge’s API’s, Taing was able to offer customers several choices. Customers can choose a 12-month, 6-month, 3-month, or monthly subscription. When they select one of the multiple month plans, customers save money on their orders.

Additionally, Recharge recommended Clearbanc, a partner that offers capital on a sliding scale that increases alongside sales. Unlike other VC’s, Clearbanc didn’t require equity or a board seat in exchange for funding. Taing was able to get more backing to invest in marketing, without sacrificing stake in his business.

Discover how to build product bundles with Recharge Discover how to build product bundles with Recharge


With Recharge, Bokksu offered customers a seamless subscription experience. By offering customers the ability to subscribe-and-save, Taing incentivized them to sign up for longer subscriptions, increasing customer engagement and driving lifetime value. Bokksu has shipped more than two million snacks to happy subscribers in over 70 countries around the world. With Clearbanc’s support, Bokksu has achieved 10X year-over-year growth since launch, and continues to scale through sharing the delight of snacks.

“From fast response times to creative solutions for our subscription issues to keeping us informed of the latest updates, Recharge Pro’s dedicated account manager program has helped us optimize our account for better performance and revenue.”

Bokksu fitz

Fitz Mangubat

VP, Marketing & Operations