ChargeX: Pivotal pricing strategy

Subscription commerce veterans from across the world converged in Santa Monica in October for two days of learning and networking at ChargeX Summit 2019 powered by Recharge.

Day 2 was focused on merchants from all verticals scaling their businesses using the Recharge platform. Guest speakers from top-earning merchants and seasoned agencies spoke to stores of all sizes ranging from what to look for when spinning up new brands to supercharging your store using SMS.

Cooper Harris, CEO, Klickly
Kaitlin Holliday, Head of E-commerce + Data, Four Sigmatic
Lanie De Pasquale, Director of Customer Retention, Kopari
Taylor Sicard, Co-Founder, WIN Brands Group

Summary from this talk:
• The best tools and tricks for optimizing conversion
• Importance of testing any steps that disrupt the checkout flow
• Additional effort into the offer section of a landing page
• Valid multi-variant testing need a statistical significance
• How churn plays into measuring success