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As we wrap up Q1 and welcome the arrival of spring, we have a number of exciting new updates to share from our Changelog feed! For those unfamiliar, Recharge’s Changelog is a communication tool that allows the team to communicate product features, releases, or enhancements to our merchants in real-time. 

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Shopify 2.0 Subscription widget  

If you are looking to upgrade to Shopify’s Online 2.0 Themes, now is the time! We launched our new Shopify 2.0 Subscription widget for merchants using Shopify’s native checkout integration in March.

The new widget allows merchants to install their subscription widget directly within the Shopify Theme Editor. You can even adjust the position of the widget by simply dragging and dropping it in the area of your preference within the product page theme editor. 

Multiple Payments Methods 

In March, we were so excited to announce that Multiple Payment Methods are now available to all merchants. This feature gives customers the flexibility to pay the way they want.  

Merchants want to offer a simple and easy way for their customers to purchase products and set up subscriptions. Customers, on the other hand, want to have flexibility in how they pay for these products and subscriptions. 

Originally, merchants and customers using Recharge were able to define one payment method linked to a customer. Once a customer added a payment method, that payment method would be linked to the customer and used for all charges.

With Multiple Payment Methods, customers now have multiple ways to pay for items and don’t have to create new accounts if they want to use different payment methods for their various subscriptions. 

Cart notes 

We’re pleased to announce that we now support Cart Notes—another way to personalize the customer experience—on recurring orders for merchants using the native Shopify Checkout Integration. This means we support the use of Cart Notes on all of our platform integrations. 

Cart Notes, also referred to as Order Notes, are a useful way for your customers to provide you with various pieces of information, like packing or delivery instructions, whether an item should be gift wrapped, and much more. After checkout, this information is saved in the customer’s account in Recharge and included in future orders notes. Whenever needed, Cart Notes can be edited directly within the merchant portal. 

Stay tuned  

Be on the lookout for more updates in the Changelog feed. We’re excited to keep sharing all of the great things we have in store!