Get a jump start on your holiday gifting with our favorite travel-sized subscription products from Recharge merchants.

As the busy holiday season begins, the team at Recharge wanted to share our favorite subscription products that we can’t live without when we’re on the go. We rounded up the travel-sized products we love the most so you can get a jumpstart on your holiday gifting or try some of these products out for yourself.

Stay organized with the subscription model

When you incorporate subscriptions into your daily life, it makes it easy to stay organized, even while traveling. Travel becomes simple and stress-free when you don’t have to think about reordering a favorite skincare product or being properly caffeinated on the road. Thanks to the subscription business model, ecommerce merchants can offer customers their favorite products, at a recurring cadence. 

For brands, travel-sized items can remove barriers to acquisition. With a smaller size, customers can try products before they commit to a subscription—making it easier for subscription companies to attract and convert new customers. 

Check out our list of travel-sized favorites below. 

Keep up with your health & beauty routines 

Subscriptions allow customers to go about their daily lives and routines without having to think about reordering their favorite products or running out of something before the next item arrives. Here are some of our Recharge merchants that give us the ability to bring our favorite skincare and makeup products with us on the road.

Travel-size beauty products

Blume Babies

For those Blume skincare lovers (we know you’re out there), the Blume Babies are the perfect travel companion. Combining three of their most popular products in mini sizes, this bundle is just right for throwing in your toiletry bag and keeping up your skincare routine while traveling.

Dermalogica travel sizes 

Instead of bundling their products together in a travel-size set, Dermalogica gives their customers the freedom to order any of their skincare products in a smaller size. This way, customers can buy exactly what they need depending on their routines, so they don’t miss a day while they’re out of town and away from their full-size products.

Milk Makeup minis

Like Dermalogica, Milk makeup offers all of their best sellers in mini form—which works great for travel and for those curious about trying a product without having to commit to the full size. Makeup can take up a lot of space in your suitcase, which is why these minis are so attractive.

Public Goods toiletries for travel

Keeping up your routine on the go also includes your usual shower products, dental care, and of course, hand sanitizer. Public Goods has that covered with their collection of travel-sized products made to pass through TSA with ease. 

Supergoop sunscreen

Sunscreen is probably one of the most important parts of your daily routine—and it’s something you don’t want to forget about while traveling. Thankfully, Supergoop has a lot of products fit for travel, including their 3 Ways to PLAY Travel Set and Face Essentials SPF Mini Set. Some of their kits even come with a bag that’s perfect to throw in your suitcase. 

Bite travel tin

Bite incorporates travel into their Daily Habits Kit from the get-go, so customers don’t have to even think about using their sustainable dental care products on the go. With the travel tin already included in the kit, they can take their toothpaste bits easily on the go. 

Stay caffeinated & hydrated

Traveling without your usual morning coffee routine can leave you feeling off your game. With these travel-sized offerings, you don’t have to miss the vital parts of your daily rituals that get you energized and hydrated—two very important things when you’re on the go. 

Travel-size coffee and tea

Craft Instant Coffee from Verve 

Verve Coffee Roasters has taken instant coffee and made it fashionable and delicious. Coffee lovers don’t have to sacrifice this part of their routine thanks to these easy-to-pack instant coffee packets that come in a variety of brews.

Chamberlain Coffee single-serve offerings

Chamberlain Coffee offers singles of their popular cold brew, which can be prepared hot or cold. Not only is this a great solution for travelers, but it means you can brew the perfect cup of cold brew no matter where you are in the world (including at home).

Travel French Press from Sailor’s Brew Coffee

Sailor’s Brew takes coffee-on-the-go to a whole new level with their travel French Press. It eliminates even the need for a cup—after brewing and plunging, you can sip directly from it. For those particular about how they brew coffee, even while traveling, this is the perfect solution.

Avoid hunger while you’re on the go

There’s nothing that can ruin a day of travel like being hungry. With these snacks from Recharge merchants, you can ensure you’re set for hours on the plane, or for quick snacks while you’re on the move.

Travel snacks

Grüns gummies

Avoid hunger and keep up on your nutrition with portable packs of nutritious gummies from Grüns. They’re so easy to slide into your bag and will help you feel good about hitting your nutritional goals.

Chomps snack sticks

For those looking for a snack that’s a little more substantial, there’s Chomps snack sticks. Made for snacking on the go, these 100% grass-fed beef jerky sticks come in a variety of flavors and have 9-10 grams of protein. Perfect for keeping you full while you’re traveling.

Maintain your routines while traveling with these merchant favorites

Don’t interrupt your regular daily rituals just because you’re on the road. With these travel-sized options from Recharge merchants, customers can keep their routines and travel with ease. Plus, subscription options ensure you never run out of your favorite items—travel or regular sized.