Driving sustainable growth: Leveraging Shopify subscription apps for recurring revenue models

Looking to build a dependable base for your Shopify store to stand on? You’re not alone. Brand loyalty is far from a given today—with so many options available in a crowded market, consumers can afford to be selective. A new customer may not turn into a repeat customer without a compelling reason to, leaving brands scrambling to shore up their retention efforts and build reliable streams of revenue.

Here’s a simple option you might not have explored yet: subscriptions. The right subscription option can provide a huge boost to your online store—not only will it open up repeat orders and recurring payments, but it can provide further benefits that enhance retention and help you foster a robust customer base.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of the subscription model and how the right subscriptions app can help you take advantage of them.

Key takeaways

  • The subscription model is a huge advantage for any ecommerce business, providing dependable sources of revenue and stability.
  • You don't have to build a subscription program from scratch—many options are available off the shelf in the Shopify app store.
  • When choosing a subscription app for your brand, make sure it's prepared to accommodate your existing business and customers and to support your adoption of its platform.

Subscriptions are dependable

Whether you plan to sell a curated subscription box or replenishable essentials, subscriptions have clear advantages for both consumers and brands. For consumers, they de-stress the day, keeping everyday essentials stocked and ready to go. A brand that can deliver killer products on a customer’s terms has an excellent shot at entrenching itself in their daily routine and becoming a long-term standby.

For brands, that translates into solid, predictable sales. A non-subscription business relies on one-time customers consciously choosing to return; a subscription business has repeat purchases built in. Even retaining customers for just a few recurring orders can smooth out dips in business, and the right combination of products and subscription experience can result in customers for life.

Top brands like Seven Sundays use subscription programs to drive retention and repeat orders.

A Shopify subscription app can strip out hassle and manual work

The concept behind subscriptions is sound, but execution is critical. Don’t leave a potentially integral component of your business to an ad hoc manual solution—instead, opt for a business-ready, off-the-shelf option for your Shopify store.

Here are some of the top factors to consider among subscription apps.

Robust subscription management options

Simply offering subscriptions is one thing. But remember the shifting landscape of brand loyalty—the brands that truly thrive on subscriptions are the ones that provide a flexible experience that fits into (and enhances) customers’ lives rather than expecting customers to conform to it.

What does that mean? Provide options. Your subscriptions app should let customers manage subscriptions effortlessly, including:

  • Configuring their subscription plans and delivery cadences
  • Adjusting product options and selections easily
  • Skipping or delaying orders, or even pausing subscriptions indefinitely

The easier you make it for customers to work your products into their day, the more likely they are to do so.

Not only will BrickHouse Nutrition deliver subscription orders on a customer’s preferred cadence, but they provide a variety of size options and bulk savings for full control.

Easy migration and launch

Just like customers won’t rearrange their lives around an inflexible subscription, you likely don’t want to rearrange your business to suit a one-size-fits-all subscriptions app.

Whether you’re launching your subscription offering from scratch or trying to upgrade your existing one to a more robust version, make sure your subscription app of choice is prepared to meet your business where it is. That means:

  • Supporting your (and your customers’) preferred payment options, to avoid disruptions to recurring payments.
  • Intaking existing subscription data, if you already use subscriptions, so customers can continue receiving subscription products uninterrupted.
  • Responsive customer service and extensive support. Integrating an all-new function into your business can be complex, especially for established businesses—your subscription provider should be prepared to guide you through it and make sure you can launch without a hitch.

The right subscription app will elevate your whole business

While you’re implementing your subscription app, see how else you can enhance your business. While the more basic options may focus solely on subscriptions, others provide more holistic retention offerings, ways to increase customers’ cart sizes and LTV, and more.

Don’t overlook these benefits—if the core advantage of the subscription model is the dependability it provides, then you don’t want to miss out on other ways to shore up your revenue streams.

Recharge: Far from just a subscription app

Built for Shopify, Recharge subscriptions are at the core of our platform, but that’s just the start. Our full offerings include loyalty programs, cancellation reduction measures, automated failed payment monitoring, and more—plus the in-depth analytics and industry benchmarks you need to put your performance into context.

Shopify subscription apps are a top tactic for dependable revenue

Online stores of all kinds can benefit from implementing subscription apps. Subscriptions are a key opportunity to turn one-time purchases into recurring payments from repeat customers—don’t miss out!

When evaluating potential subscription apps, make sure the one you choose will be right for your business and your customers. It should provide easy subscription management options for customers, helping your subscription options complement their lives rather than complicate them. If you already carry subscriptions and are trying to upgrade your offering, make sure your new selection can easily intake existing subscription data and support your business as you get onto their platform.