Being Black at Recharge: Messages from the heart Being half black American and half Filipino woman, I’ve learned to take on the world with the lens of positive intersectionality. Of course, growing up there were times when I was left out of all social circles. I was told I wasn’t black enough to sit with a group, wasn’t asian enough to be smart, wasn’t feminine enough to have a boyfriend, but over time I took those baseless insults and twisted them into my superpower. I embrace my uniqueness in this world and challenge myself in my personal and professional life to keep pushing boundaries. One of the many ways I challenge myself professionally is to actively contribute to the culture at Recharge. I joined the BLACK@ Recharge ERG leadership team to help drive a feeling that is close to my heart, the feeling like you belong in a world that can be very alienating at times. With the help of my colleagues and the belonging council at Recharge, we continue to host events and lead candid discussions about how we navigate our diversity in this chaotic world and life.