Open cardboard box with the Recharge logo and the Mollie logo coming out of it

Today, Recharge announced a partnership with Mollie, one of the fastest growing payment service providers in Europe. This partnership offers an API-first, end-to-end subscription solution. It provides unprecedented support for recurring payments and subscription management, as well as cutting-edge innovation to subscription-based ecommerce businesses, and is now available across all markets that Mollie services. 

Released in November, Recharge’s new API version was brought to market to enable merchants to seamlessly integrate with other technology providers within a composable commerce stack. 

This partnership between Mollie and Recharge allows for the integration of recurring payments into standalone webshops and platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and others to come. Merchants will be able to customize and quickly incorporate a subscription program. Utilizing real-time analytics with insights into revenue, customers, and their overall subscription programs, merchants will be able to better understand and meet their customers’ unique needs. Merchants will also be able to retry failed payments and leverage the Recharge interface to automate smart dunning and winback workflows.

Screenshot of the Mollie dashboard

While merchants will find value in this new integration, their customers will also benefit from an enhanced subscription experience. This includes the ability to manage their subscriptions through a personalized portal, receive notifications, and access options to add one-time purchases, manage recurring purchases, skip deliveries, or swap products.

Ken Serdons, Chief Commercial Officer at Mollie, said, “We’re really excited to be able to offer merchants the opportunity to easily implement fully powered subscriptions with Recharge. Seamless, effortless payments brought to recurring ecommerce means an increase in lifetime value and average order value, and at a time of unprecedented ecommerce growth and ambition, we’re able to meet and surpass customer expectations.”

“What we’re seeing is a continued momentum towards modular commerce,” said Oisin O’Connor, CEO and Co-Founder at Recharge. “Partnering with Mollie allows us to continue meeting ecommerce businesses where they are and provide the most seamless way for them to have a recurring payments and subscription management solution, all in one place.”
For more information, or to sign up for this service, please visit the Mollie + Recharge partnership page.