Subscription Experience

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Maximize the value of every transaction.

Boost subscriber acquisition and increase AOV directly from the checkout page.

Grouping of Tea Drops products with various A/B test ecommerce widgets superimposed over them
Three bottles of Hello Bello next to an illustration of the subscribe-and-save ecommerce flow

Convert customers to subscribers in one click

The LTV of a subscriber is 46% higher than a non-subscriber. Drive significant repeat revenue for your business when you highlight subscribe-and-save discounts and allow customers to turn a one-time purchase into a subscription in one click at checkout.

Curate product cross-sells to encourage larger purchases

Highlight complementary product offerings on the checkout page to entice customers to subscribe to more products before they complete their purchase. You’re not just increasing the value of this order—you’re increasing the value of many orders to come, too.

Four bottles of Blume alongside ecommerce cross-sell widgets
Grouping of Bobbie products alongside a series of charts and graphs indicating upsell growth

Optimize your offerings with powerful analytics

Track which products, bundles, and subscription combinations are propelling growth for your business. A/B test different products and placements, and unlock insights that allow you to continuously refine your checkout page cross-sell and upsell strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Upsell and Cross-Sell on pages other than checkout?

Eventually, yes! We have several additional pages in development and we will continue to roll out more for you to curate your buying experience.

Does Grow support one-time purchases?

Not yet, but it’s on our product development roadmap. We’re focusing on subscription growth first, with one-time upsells and cross-sells coming next. 

Does my store have to meet certain requirements to use Grow?

Your store must be on the Recharge Pro package and be using Shopify Plus.

Can I offer cross-sells on upcoming orders with Grow?

Eventually, yes! We have several additional pages in development, and we will continue to equip you with more tools to curate your buying experience. Until then, you can cross-sell products to subscribers within the customer portal.

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