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Endlessly customizable. Always user-friendly. No code required

Recharge's most advanced and easy-to-use customer portal

The Affinity portal's clean, intuitive interface makes it effortless for your customers to manage their subscriptions—and it doesn't require any code to implement.

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Control for you, control for your subscribers

Inject your brand identity into the Affinity portal with the Shopify Theme Editor. Then enable order management options like product swapping, order rescheduling, and quantity adjustments to help customers manage their subscriptions seamlessly.

All-in-one interface built for functionality

The Affinity portal’s order-centric interface enables customers to send, reschedule, skip, and more all in one place. It’s the smoothest way to manage orders.

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Optimized for any device & any location

Affinity’s single-page design and multi-language, multi-currency support make it the perfect solution for any customer, no matter where they are or what device they’re on.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Affinity portal mobile-friendly and ADA-compliant?

Yes, Affinity is fully compatible with all mobile devices and adheres to ADA standards, ensuring accessibility and a seamless user experience for everyone.

Can I set a default language?

Yes, if a customer accesses the portal from a location without configured translations, the default language will be displayed.

For more information, check our support documentation.

Give your customers the gift of simplified subscription management